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TOTALLY NEW FORUM for me, but I just had to come here and clear my head.


I dont know where to actually begin because Im sure its all related, but I am just having a really sad day (the saddest in almost 3 months, hence my previous posts...). Anyway, yesterday would have been my daughters 11th birthday, she passed away when she was six months old. Throughout the years its been easier to get through that day, even yesterday I was ok. Well...yeah I was good, I drank a bottle of wine and enjoyed a Friday night alone .


Im sure this is all just a combination of the day, my (not so recent anymore) break up and the heartbreak that went with it and now being alone...I know Ill be ok tomorrow (or Monday ), but I just needed to talk.






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Sorry to hear about your grief. Death is a different kind of grief than grieving a realationship. In a realtionship you or the other terminates it. tha is hard because it feels liek rejection if youwant the break up. Know this...your little angel in heaven NEVER wanted to leave you, NEVER rejected you. God bless you and her on this day and always.

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I have children and grandchildren and know how much you can love children - it's immediate and ever-lasting. I know I would have gone through a lot of pain had I lost any of them, so I am sure your pain must have been intense.


I think that it is a little comforting to know that you do still miss her for that lets you know that in some way she is still with you - in your mind and your heart. In six short months she changed your life forever, and although she will never grow up, she will always live while you remember her and mourn her. So although you should not let her memory overwhelm you, you can let it be a solace to you, especially in hard times.

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i don't think there's anything worse that can happen to someone and i think you have shown some kind of inner strength that you are here and helping other people.


im traveling with my daughter as i write this-- and i only can imagine how it would be...


but we're here to listne and be as sujpportive as we can in cyberspace....

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