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I met someone 4 years ago in another country. He is not american but is now studing in the states. When I met him a while back..I was not intersted in him whatsoever. But when I returned to the states to begin my university..I began to correspond with him frequently and we talked a few times of starting a relationship. However there has always been a long distance separating us. He is not a citizen of this country and at one point when I did see him..I told him that I "feel like you want me for just your visa". He got upset of course and stopped his contact with me for almost 1 year. Then after that year...he started his contact again. He even told me he loved me. He called me a lot and emailed me a lot and then visited me for the second time. After his visit, I must of said something again to make him upset and now he doesn't talk to me anymore. He won't even take my calls. I am so sad and depressed that I feel like I lost a part of me. I can't get over him. I did however at one point tell him that it will never work between us but that's because I was afraid he was going to get to me first so I thought I would dump him before he dumped me. Now, i am paying the consequences of him ignoring me. He told me to never call him again. I can't stop thinking about him. What's my problem? What can I do?


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Hi hunni i no how you feel i did the same thing with my boyfriend. You didn't want to get close and saying mean things would end the relstionship and you wouldn't have to deal with the heartache. You realize now that this sux! You were trying so hard not to get hurt but in the end you did. My advice call him and tell him you were scared of getting close. If he says he understands then great but if he doesn't then you no this is what you need to learn from. That the next guy that comes by you'll treat him right. Good luck.

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