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Motivation to work out/exercise

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I'm not the most in shape person, but I'm not a big couch potato either. Last time I checked, I weighed 197. I have some muscle, but not the flexing kind yet.


Anyways, 2 weeks ago I had the urge one night to work out (which I haven't gotten in a while). I felt great afterwards. The last time I worked out before that was at least a few months. The next day I told myself, Ok, I'm going to force myself to workout twice this week for 45 minutes. As you would expect, the next day I didn't feel like doing anything. Now 2 weeks later I still haven't worked out.


What are some ways to movitate yourself to work out/exercise? I really want to make it a goal this summer to get into shape before school starts again (this time college).


BTW, I follow a balanced diet, but I have stabilized, so I need to start working out more to take off some more weight. I'm already starting to become a magnet (Somewhat; and I'm on the shy side) for girls, and I only feel that if I am in shape it'd be that much better and confident in myself (disputable).



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>some ways to movitate yourself to work out/exercise?

ok, here is a good one.

hey!!! you weigh 197 pounds and you;re three feet tall!!! what is that all about???? get off your butt, if you can find it, and get to the gym!!! now!!!! and stop with the twinkies, cheesecake, beer, coke, cakes, muffins, pizzas, and icecream all during the same meal!!



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The best thing to do is just make yourself do it, or have a buddy to work out with that will push on the days you just don't feel like it. Eventually you'll make it a habit and will feel like crap on the days you don't get around to it.

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Getting a friend to work out with you is a lot more helpful. Try 20mins a day, three times a week. It sounds like nothing, a why bother to do it kind of thing, but it gets you into the working out mode. I started doing 100 sit ups a day, before I knew it I was doing 200 a day. But yea, some days, its like, crud I dont feel like it.... Thats why getting a friend to helpis good, they push you, and you push them. But yea, I havent dont squat in a while.

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The best motivator to exercise is having a friend to go with. When you know that friend is meeting you there or depending on you to be there you will be less likely to skip out because your friend won't be too happy. Once you start going to the gym you will see the same regulars there, too, and that can make it more social and motivating.


Also, I think that your initial goals are too high. You said yourself that you are not in shape, but you expect yourself to get to the gym and work out for 45 min.? Try progressing from about 20 min. per session and increasing 5 min. per week. If you do this then you can exercise more regularly (days/week).


That should help you.



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My motivations are to do well in competitions (I race mountain bikes/road bikes), for that "high" you got, to feel strong (I love having muscles), to feel GOOD, to be healthy and live a long life (and be active at same time!), reduce stress, and yes, to look damn good too in a bikini


I see so many young people whom really don't take very good care of their bodies and it is sad, as it does create health problems in life, does increase depression, stress and I think can just lead to general lack of self confidence at times.


The best way to get into it is to just DO it. There are many times I feel too tired to start working out or riding my bike, but I force myself to start and you know within 10 minutes I am sooo glad I did! Maybe even find a workout buddy to help motivate you (through guilt


I am able to self motivate myself, but even so it is fun to ride or go to gym with a friend or friends sometimes, you push harder and often it does not even feel like a workout as you had so much fun!

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The best way to get motivated is to force yourself out of the house. Once you get passed the first two weeks, it becomes a habit and is quite addictive. Also, as another poster suggested, get a friend to do it with. It is so much more fun that way. Once you have been going a while, you start to see changes and hate missing the gym!


Good luck!

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How about Martial Arts? It's fun, you learn self-discipline, get a great workout, for most places you HAVE to go atleast once or twice a week, you benefit mentally as well as physically. More info here:


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I take Hapmudo, which really helped me. Well, I wasn't unfit, but I've seen a lot of people in my classes lose weight and gain muscle. I can actually do push-ups now. It's supposed to help you gain more confidence too. And you might meet some cute martial arts girls.

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take a polaroid picture of urself in ur underwear and tape it in front of ur mirror....hell.....blow it up into an 8x10...in large caps on top of the picture..write "OINK?"


next to that picture, look for some hot bod stud...cut his head out and place urs on top...then give it a time frame....


take a picture once every 2weeks and place it next to oink...



hey...it worked for my brother..

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LOL itry.. Polaroid!!!



martial arts is good because you got a bunch of people to sit and compete against, measure yourself against, and train with out of class. joining a sports league (volleyball, softball, basketball) can also help you get motivated. maybe look into hiking/backpacking/rock climbing with other like-minded folks. if you see your friend struggling up towards his/her personal goals, you get more inspired to do so yourself...


the key is--don't look to the actual exercise to motivate you. i don't at all get motivated thinking of the treadmill. i mean, there just seems no need for me to go through these ridiculous motions of lifting metal plates, and making myself hurt. get motivated by the groups of people, connections, classmates, and other potential reasons, to go and hop on that treadmill/bike/weight machine.


hope this helps.

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What really helped me was to pick a TV show that I wanted to watch, then worked out at home on my elliptical during that show. I usually did "Real World" on Tuesdays and "Third Watch" on Fridays. After a while, I felt guilty if I was watching the show and not working out. It helped me take my mind off exercising.

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