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Im still so depressed, whats wrong with me?

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Hi everyone,

I havent posted on here for a while coz i thought i was maybe getting a little better but recently ive just been getting worse. My ex of nearly 4 years ended things out of the blue 4 months ago. I cant believe its been that long. Well we did the fighting part, then no contact and finally decided that both of those were making us misrable and began to talk as adults. Its been ok, although knowing he has a girlfriend makes me cry so much He keeps telling me that the relationship isnt what i think it is and that he's going out with her as a way to get over me. This hurts so much coz i dont want him to get over me i want him back more than anything else in the world. I know that i have to understand that he wants to move on but we got on so well together, he couldnt handle the jealousy he felt when he was with me but i tried so hard to make him realise that he was never going to lose me. In the end, it was me who lost him Just the other night, he phoned me 4 times just to talk. It was amazing, i cant believe how happy i felt. But now, i havent heard from him for 2 days straight. I texted him 2 days ago to ask how he was and he didnt reply but yet when a friend of mine texted him, he replied right away Why do you think this is? Its so mixed signals that i havent a clue if he loves me, likes me as a friend now, or is completely sick of me. Can anyone help? Im so depressed, i cant handle much more of anything anymore and no contact doesnt work, it makes me 10 times more depressed. I really dont know what to do.

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hey! here, i'm sorry you're feeling down. but look at it like this:

you're a cool chick, you live in scotland, you're single, you're 21... go out and have a ball!!

go out there and meet new people. meeting new people is a great way to make your sorrow go away.

good luck!

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I really know where your at. My story is almost identical to mine. Atleast you r four months into being single. I am only 3 weeks, tomorrow will be a week since i talked to my ex last and he too is seeing someone. It really sucks though. I hope things work out for you. Thank goodness though that your ex still talks to you. Mine never calls me and it really hurts to loose someone that i used to talke to several times a day and now here nothing from him. Best wishes!

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