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How would u express your feelings to your friend?

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How about: Hey sexy mama! You know...I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I've developed feelings for you that call for more than just a friendship, if you know what I mean! Basically, I'd like to know if you'd be interested in becoming my one and only lady?


Haha! Just kidding.


Why not just tell her that you like her, want to move to next level to see what happens, but if she's doesn't feel the same, you'll totally understand. It's not hard! Just tell her what you feel!

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Ah i went though exacly what you are 2 months ago. My self i just figurativly told her. if you know what i mean, Woman are good at talking between the lines, thats how i did it though figurative speach and then learned she liked me to and then we started more literal speach.


well another thing you can do is gentaly bring up the topic and slowly tell her how you feel. really depends how much of a open talking relationship you two have. but ill tell you something, its better to tell them then not to. its a small risk, with so much to gain. rejection is rejection whats the worst thing that can happen hay?


well good luck and enJOY

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Naa I disagree. The best thing is not ask/tell her how you feel about her, but SHOW her. I think that is the biggest mistake that alot of guys make out there with women. You don't need to say anything to her, just start doing things that show her you care more about her.. and see if her feelings develop that way. I don't mean buying everything for her and all that. I mean just going out of your way for her to show her that you care. Do the extra kind things for her, but don't tell her why your doing it

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