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Wrong timing!

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Well, I was just wondering....I have been with my bf for 6 months now. We used to have sex quite often, but recently he doesn't want to as much, eventhough I want to. He'll go a week without wanting to do it, and then na couple of days wanting to, and it just keeps repeating.....I know that he watches porn enough, but he seems to watch less then at 1st.

Since I got tired of always waiting for him to want to do it, I have been watching porn and masturbating for the past week. I have guilty that I am doing so and not sharing this with my bf though.

And now, eventhough he is in the mood, I am so used to him not wanting to, that I'm not in the mood either anymore.

What would be the best solution here?


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I have been watching porn and masturbating for the past week

Oh man! Just print this sentence out and hand it to him.



It sounds maybe like you are (subconsciously?) turning the tables on him. A vicious circle, because by the time you feel like it, he won't and so on and so on.

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Thanks for all ur replies! ....

He did it again tonight though...He said that he was horny, but he still didnt want to...I tried what I could think of to get him to want to have sex, but I'm out of ideas now!

Should I just give up?!?


Wow...if he's horny and then turns you down...HE is the one with problems! I don't think I've ever became horny and turned down a woman for some good ole love making. Either he's gay or I unno...just afraid in some way. He's clean isn't he? As far as STD's...he might be careful and not wanting to pass off something?? I dunno...just taking wild guesses. You two use protection?

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