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my ex is coming to my house when i dont want him to!!help me

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ok, i pretended i wasnt in, he posted a letter and bracelet through the letter box...expensive looking...i dont understand.


i read th eletter and he is saying that he just wanted to get me something because the bracelets he got me before weren't good enough.


Then he said that he bought it as a friendship thiing,and he doesnt want to confuse my head.


well i dont care, i dont do friends, i ended up breaking nc to tell him that...feel better though for doing it.


what do you guys think? why can't he just leave me be, is it just guilt coz thats what i am assuming...i think he wants to feel better about himself...i dont know..

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Kindly request that he mail it to you. He's obviously trying to make contact with you - it's not about the xbox. I have to admit that he's using an unusual tactic - he should have been able to come up with something other than giving you an xbox.


At any rate, no need to panic and call the police. If he knocks on the door and you don't want to answer, don't.

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If this happens again, you might want to say to him:

I do not want to see you ever again. I do not want your gifts. Do not come to my home. I do not want to see you ever again. I do not want your gifts. Do not come to my home. I do not want to see you ever again. I do not want your gifts. Do not come to my home. I do not want to see you ever again. I do not want your gifts. Do not come to my home.


See if he understands that.

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ok, he called me just now, i have no caller id on my house fone, so i picked up.


he is spillin his guts out saying he is sorry, and he has strong feelings for me, hasnt said the L word yet... he said the bracelet he bought cost alot and its becasue i am specail.


He said he regrets doing wot he did(cheating)...and he hates himself for it!


He spoke to me until his credit run out and is gona credit his fone again and call me back!!....what is he saying??


by the way he also left this girl 2 weeks ago...we were together 4yrs, check my previous posts please!


need all your advice on what he is trying to say, do you think he wants to get in my pants? or is he been genuine?


By the way he chose to talk about us and the relationship..I dont know what to say....this is just a surprise for me thats all, gob smacked to be precise..


lol at Faluchi, yep i tried that! tables have turned its weird...

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You'll never have a true answer from anyone here about why he's doing what he's doing-- and it doesn't really matter, does it?


Does he want you back? Maybe

Is the bracelet important? Maybe.

Does he feel sorry? Maybe.

Did he cheat on you? yes.

Did he lie to you? Yes.

Does he want to have sex with you? Maybe


I'd ask you what do you want with him, knowing only 2 things for an absolute fact: he lied and he cheated. Forget what he wants and what he's telling you and all that-- what is it you want out of this?

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to be honest I want to see signs that he still loves me and that he is truly regretful and wants me back..


he said all of the above apart form love which isnt enough, i still have some feelings there even though i have moved on abit and feel i can handle myself.


Someone once told me if they come back begging and pleading , you should give em a chance and thats if you really want to.


I want to give him a chance but not yet, i want to take it slow if i except him back and maybe I need to tell him that when he calls.


He did all these horrible thnigs yes, and i felt i couldnt breath but you know whats ironic, he told me that he can't breath without me and he feels really sad and hates himself, iheard him sniffling and crying down the fone..blah blah..

.i will guard my heart and take it slow but in a friendly way, if that works...until i feel i am regaining the trust . I want him to work hard for me, coz i dont come at a cheap price.!

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