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okay where to start... about a week ago i moved 22 hours away from most of my relatives an all my friends ... i moved with my parents they made me move here.....they threatend me an they new that i didnt want this at all an i still dont wanna be here but they said if i didnt move they would never speak to me again an that i had no choice in the matter soo here i am miles an miles away from all these people i care about... all because i was to scared that my parents would hate me !! an here i am never been soo depressed in my hole entire life .... i left a job i loved ... i have no money now ... i left my friends ..... i have no friends in this town... my parents leave me at home whenever they go anywhere an i dont have a lience or a car soo i cant really go out anywhere to meet people because of transport an the money situation.... ive put in for a fair few jobs an i havent heard anything back from any of them an my parents expect me to have all these friends an all this money within a week ... as it is i have trouble makin friends an they no this ...... i think they just wana see me unhappy an depressed they dont care about me i think they just get a thrill outta me being unhappy...... i want to move back but im scared that if i do my parents will hate me !!!!!!!!

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First of all, see this as a challenge. Obviously, moving to a new place takes time to adjust but it is within human capabilities to adapt. Right now, things seem like they are all over the place, but that may just be because you are trying to figure out too much at once. Concentrate on one thing at a time: say for example, figure out what type of job you want to do and start looking for it so you can be financially secure. After that, you can concentrate on making friends whether with your co-workers or just going out to a local rec. centre and getting fit and making friends. Secondly, I don't know your parents, but from my experience it ALWAYS seems like our parents are out to get us when their ideas don't match up with our own. However, I would say you have to give them a chance. They have more experience, and ultimately, every parent wants the best for his child. It may seem like this is not for you right now, but give it a shot, you may be surprised at how right they were. If all fails, sit down and discuss this with them. It's really bad to keep all these feelings of resentment inside, only to have them surface at the most unexpected moment. Right now, you have more control over them, so it will be better to get them out. Later, in the heat of the moment, you may say something that can ultimatley damage your relationship. Bottom line, give this an honest shot, keep an open mind and see what happens.

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When i was younger my parents did the same thing to me. After and adjustment period and starting at a new school. It was the best thing the could have ever happened. Where we moved to has shaped who i am today and would never move back. Trust me I was there too. it will get better as you meet new friends and learn what there is to do around you.


Wish you the best

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