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must be a virus or something

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How do you get rid of the typical sore throat + tiredness quickly? Man, it just makes me angry that I never get sick, and didn't even get sick over the flu season and winter, but now that it's summer, I do get sick... Btw, I haven't been on the rain. It's just messing my days up...

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Vix vapor rub on your swollen glands on your throat. if possible take penicillin itll help if it is a bacterial infection. eat soup, drink tea and gatorade, and if burning pursists put crushed ice in your beverages or eat an ice pop. rest, and if your sleep pattern is all screwy, pop a tylenol PM at 9pm, itll put you in a coma until the next day. lol youll get a full nights sleep alright!


feel better....being sick in the summertime sucks! i hear ya.



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