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Actually it doesn't matter how much water you drink. It is totally dependent on how much alcohol you drink.


Alcohol sits in you stomach and is absorbed from the stomach and to a small degree from the lining of the throat into your blood. From there the liver processes through various stages into a vast array of chemicals, each stage breaking down the toxins (you can research this on the internet, the process and number of chemical changes is way to complex to detail here).


The liver can process about one standard drink per hour. thereforeeee say 4 standard drinks equals 4 hours before your blood alcohol reading is absolutely zero.(approximate)


If you put alcohol into your system, this is the only way you can get it out unless you vomit it up before it is absorbed into the blood. Drinking a lot of water will only dilute the liquid in your stomach. It will do nothing to speed up the process of removing the alcohol you have drunk from your blood.

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The only good thing about alcohol is that it's natural. It burns like the food you eat. Drugs are a whole different story. They will linger in your body for long periods of time. If your worried solely about the time span involved, then I suggest you would limit the amount. Normally it wouldn't be detected, if it's kept at a respectuful level. If you crack a beer open at say 6:00 in the morning and have an alcohol test at 7:30. you might fail. Use common sense always if you drink alcohol.

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I don't know Rich .. there have been plenty of mornings that I've woken up hangover-free because I drank a 2-litre of water before going to bed.


If you're talking about taking some type of test, then I really wouldn't know how long alcohol stays in your system. All I know, is that I've gone to bed drunk before without drinking water and woken up feeling nauseous and in a lot of pain quite frankly. When I make sure to drink a lot of water, I usually wake up feeling fine.

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For sure the water will make you feel better because alcohol dehydrates you so I agree with your advice to drink plenty of it. But it will not make the alcohol pass through your system any quicker. The only way alcohol can be cleaned from the blood is via the liver and that organ is limited in how fast it can cleanse.


But yeah, if you want to feel better, drink lots of water because it is the dehydration which gives you the headaches etc. next day.

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