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girl problems! help me pls

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i want to get rid of this nice guy name!


im known as the neighborhood nice guy by all girls in surrounding areas.im the guy who if u need to go get a cup of coffeee or need me to meet u somewhere at 3am cuz ur having problems i will be there.. my name is out and all girls love to talk to me now..i have alot of girls that are my close friends.. alot of them come over watch movies maybe cuddle and stuff or whatever and thats about it.. nothing wrong with that sometimes..alot of people say i have a warm and loving feel when there around me. and i am a nice guy and i cant help it. the thing is.. girls love me but they dont like me like me..like i have that missing piece.. evryone says oh u would be the perfect husband. but nobody is looking to get married right now..


i just wanna know how i can bring it over the top. get that last piece im missing from girls wanting to date me


girls want me as a relle relle close friend but not a boyfriend and im tired of it cuz i get depressed. i got shot down a couple days ago and i relle liked this girl..


i just need some advice and help.. thanx

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You wait too long before you let girls know you're interested in them. They think you're only interested in them as a friend and they lose interest. And if you don't like being so nice, then stop. It doesn't sound like it's the real you. Break out of your shell, let people know what you really want, and don't be afraid of rejection.

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don't be so nice! lol. know what you want, and make a move. rejection is just a part of it. if they know you're interested, it gives them something to think about. if you keep cuddling with them, you'll just enable them to go home feeling good, and get picked up by some other guy (like that already happened).



this week i just told this girl i liked her. she wasn't interested. i'm not wasting another moment on her, unless she returns the interest. i've got enough friends... (men and women, by the way.)

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