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Sorta Gym advice,,

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Hiya I was just wondering if anyone could help, I am ft 6.4 and weigh just under 200 pounds, I always have been a generally skinny person, over the last 6 months I have naturally started to fill out a little but I am still compared to others skinny. I am a very active person always working on my cardiovascular fitness but I now want to start working on my body .Would it be possible for me to bulk out and build up my upper body and legs. I see people at the gym's, etc that have well toned bodys or/and muscular bodys but can see how my body could fill out cus its skinny, basically what I wanted to no is it possible for a skinny person to bulk up?

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Of course it's possible. Weight training and eating a protein supplement (shake or bars) will give you results. Just make sure you do heavy weights even if you can't do that many reps and give yourself enough rest between working out the same body part. This is the time when the muscle regenerates and grows bigger to withstand the next time it is stressed.

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ok i see, thanks for that, sounds good but you say give yourself enough rest,,does this mean training say 5 times a week isnt generally any good for gaining muscle, but less is better if liffting heavy weights. How many times a week would you say train?

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You can break it up any way you'd like, but good advice is to not train same body part more thn twice a week. Do this routine for now.


Monday chest, shoulders, triceps. 2 different excercises per body part, 3 sets per excercise, 8 reps or less per set. and don't be afraid to move up in the weights.


Tuesday back, biceps, and legs. same routine.


Wed off day


Thursday same as monday


Friday same as tuesday


Weekend off

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It depends what you want to look like. I'd keep the cardio going just make sure you're getting enough protein. I never made any gains until I started on a shake and now i do both shake and bar. If you don't see any gains after 1 1/2 - 2 months then cut back on cardio, but i personally like a real cut body even if I have to sacrifice some mass.

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