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Left in the dark... dunno how to react

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Ok... so my g/f is also on this site... well i was bored and so I looked at her posts, I know I shouldnt have but... I was just looking for something to do.

Anywyas, I found some posts and things about us... emotions that she never tells me about. Both of us struggle with being open with each other more. We talk, but when things are bothering us we tend to lock it inside instead of tell the other person. Anywyas, she gets upset with me often bc she says I expect her to tell me stuff but I dont return the favor. We had this convo last night... and then today I find all these posts about stuff that she never talks with me about.

Im really hurt that she cant talk to me. ANd Im mad too. Like my stomach is quessy and everything. I cant just talk to her about this bc I know shell prolly get mad that I looked through her posts... but I was not doing it to find stuff... I do it with various ppl just to find interesting posts when Im bored.

Idk what to do. Do I bring it up? Do I keep my mouth shut? (Im scared that itll build and... yeah) Any help... please

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I am so glad my bf has no interest on this website... I have showed him a few things but he really doesnt care...


There is NO WAY I wouldnt look if he was posting on here....


Do you know each others usernames on this website? Does she look at your posts? How do you know she wont see this post and know what you have done?

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I know she can have feelings without talking to me about them and I respect that... but she would expect me to tell her the feelings she expressed in her posts.



Yes we know each others usernames. Idk if she looks at my posts... but I really dont care if she does. I dont know... and if she does then... I guess I will be foreced to bring it up.

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Better tell your girlfriend that I also looked at her posts!


This is a public forum-- if she had anything to keep private, then she took her chances by posting things here-- possibly HOPING you would read them. She avoids having to actually speak to you, and you get to know what she's thinking.


If you two are so afraid to talk to each other and discuss things, then maybe posting and reading each other's messages at least gets SOME form of communication going.

I'm going to guess you bother are under age 20?

Being able to be open and speak you mind and express your emotions and stand up for what you think and feel comes with experience and maturity.

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My boyfriend figured out I was on this site, and he read some of my past posts, some about us. He also read my online journal that I've been keeping for the past year or so. I could tell it maybe bothered him a little that I didnt come and talk to him about some things, but come on, we all have a right to keep some things to ourselves, right? We talked about the things that bothered him, and to tell you the truth, I feel I can be more open with him now. Maybe it's because I saw his reaction to some of the things I didnt talk to him about and understood that he'll be willing to talk about anything that's on my mind. It helped our relationship in a way. So what I'm trying to get at is maybe this is a good thing for you. Maybe things will be better with you and your gf once you guys talk about this. It could bring you guys closer. Good luck!

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oh no are we going to start seeing:



"honey, pick up some milk on the way home"



Personally I would 'fess up about looking at them. Human nature is what caused you to look at the posts and, like has been said, it is a public forum. It's not like you cracked her password etc to see private stuff. Maybe knowing that you saw the stuff and how it affected you that she couldn't tell you directly will help open the lines of communication for you guys. Plus you're busted already anyway.


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