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Ok well I have been getting electrolysis done on my face for awhile now. I feel a bit of a freak. How common is electrolysis/waxing? Does anyone else get this done? I dont think it is very noticeable, but it still really bothers and annoys me sometimes, not to mention it is expensive. Well I was just wondering how common is this, and is waxing better?? Because whenever I get waxing anywhere it makes me break out. Thanx for any replies.

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I have been wanting to get electrolysis on my face just under my chin right to the start of my neck... I wasnt sure how good it would work and how much it would come out to being.


Do you like the results you are getting? How much have you paid so far?

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Don't have any personal experience with this, but wanted to suggest that you maybe look at other methods of hair removal that may be more permanent for you (ie laser). Electrolysis can do so, but if you are having to go back so often I am guessing it is not working for you. Have you consulted a dermatologist about it?


Waxing will also depend on your skin's sensitivity...if you react elsewhere there is a higher chance you will on your face too - try a small test patch that is in a less noticeable area.

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my sister is an estitician, so I've had her wax me for years... u get used to it, but I hate going back every 3 weeks.. once u start u can't stop cuz it keeps coming back. I"m just thinking about saving up for laser, because it'd be alot less hassle, but trust, u are not alone in this. Every girl prolly deals with it at one point in her life, and as long as u take care of it and don't look disgustingly hairy i don't think you'll turn off any guys or anything, lol.

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