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What to say or not to say?

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Ok so, yeah I think I may have gotten caught being with my girlfriend. My parents don't know that I am dating her. I am not even supposed to be friends with her ( as of what my parents have told me). We went to Walmart and when we came back to my house my mom was watching from our computer window. Now I'm not sure that she saw it was my girlfriend but I think that she knows. She didn't bring it up when I came inside or before she left for work. What do I do if she does? I mean I really want to tell her that she can't tell me who to be friends with, but I'm just scared of her. She asked me at one point why I wanted to be friends with my girlfriend. How do I answere that to where she will understand? I mean I'm sorry but I don't ask her why she chooses her friends. My parents didn't even give my girlfriend a second chance at getting to know her. So what do I do if she brings it up? I mean I really want to tell her and my dad that hey you have no say in my life all you can do is give me your opinion but how do I go about it? I mean legally I am still a child and living in their house but still can't I do that? Does anyone have any advice?

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My girlfriend didn't do anything to them. At one point she cut herself but hasn't in the past year. I tried telling them this many times but they just don't believe me. We really don't know how to go about talking to them because they are so set in what they think and are just hipocrits( sorry about the spelling) I mean they just formed their oppinion and haven't given her a second chance.....

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well, quite frankly, I can understand your parents not wanting you to spend too much time with this girl, I would not want my kids to be in a relationship with someone who has or recently had some major issues going on. That being said, you may want to let your parents know the steps she has taken to handle her issues in a more healthy manner, i.e. she goes to counseling, got involved in church/support group etc.


your parents are trying only to protect you, don't begrudge them that.

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I have tried many times to tell my parents that she has gotten help and is getting better. They wont believe me. I can understand them wanting to protect me but they do not know the whole story behind it and wont give her a chance to show them who she really is. I am not a child anymore and they choose now to start protecting me. I just want them to know that I am more grown up now that they think I am.....

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