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Mostly for guys... but anyone can answer...

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ok people.... My question is...


I'm the kind of person that is like.. naturally thin... so I have this problem that I can't get much... bigger... (body wise...) and when I eat a lot it just goes away....(hope u know what I mean...) The thing is... when I actually get something from eating a lot is really a round stomach.. (never got so big...) but than when I start working to actually get some muscles... it all goes away and I go back to beeing my normal self again... its crazy... I don't even work out much and yet... loose weight.... I know some people will love to be in my shoes (their shaq's ) lol- lets get back to the topic... I know some people will really want to be in my position but it really bothers me...

Everytime i do anything at all I loose weight... and just eating isn't me... so what would you people.... guys... sugest? Thanks in advance 8)

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lol funny how i can ralte to you. people too would love to be in my shoes too. since i am a five foot asian girl, i am also only weight 100 lbs and i am already 17 years old so i am not growing anymore. the best thing that i can advice you is eat whenever you wanted to. and also exercise. your body have very high metabolism so that is why it burn food very fast. also you should exercise frequently b/c the more exercise you get more muscles you get also you get hingry faster so soon you won't be a skinny guy but you will be a tone and musculer guy.

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how old are you? I was weight training in high school til I was 18, but for whatever reason, I didn't get past 143 lbs.


In the first year of college, I got up to 153 lbs (19), and got pretty buff, but still wasn't that much heavier.


4th year of college (22), I was hugely buff, but worked out so much I didn't get that big, got up to 160 lbs. Shoulders and frame grew as well...


After I turned 25, I went from 160 to 175/180, full grown.


Now, at 35, I went up to 207 (fat fat fat), but have dropped down to 185, within the past 4 months of working out/dieting...


Hope that helps you see, that your body and weight can change, as you get older...

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Eat alot, and lift weights alot.


You need to start bulking. Eat at least 5 times a day. Eat high-protein food such as eggs, fish and lean meat. No sodas, no junk food.


You need to also lift weights. Basically, research about what works best for gaining mass. I STRONGLY suggest signing up to a local gym and asking some trainers there.


If you need more help, PM me.

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Ectomorph bodies are difficult to put weight and muscle on... I have that body type and I've discovered certain things to gaining weight:


Working out: LOW REP WORKOUTS! High reps, like 12-20+ tend to make muscle leaner and more efficient by increasing the amount of muscle response you get. Yes, you get stronger but not bigger. Lift weights so you hit FAILURE at 9-11 reps, no cheating with bouncing of course, get a workout partner to spot you!


Eating: 7 times a day, lots of protein, lots of complex carbs(avoid simple sugars like soda...) Lots of water. If you're not full and you're not at a meal, it's a great time to snack!


I used to be 6'3 150lbs, which SUCKED, i was sooo skinny. I'm up to 170lbs, which fits my height a whole lot better, and the extra strength is sure nice


Good thing about our body types is we show muscle definition real nice when you bulk up a little...

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so one set of reps to reach failure? that's it? maybe that' my problem-- i'm doing three sets of 10-12, im not reaching failure until the third set (although i can "feel the burn" early on).


i have the same problem. i never filled out-- i work out and it makes me lean and sinewy but very little bulk, and some weight gain. my sone at age 7 is sotkier than i am and he will have a much better proportioned body-- just by genetics.


at a certain point you have to accept that you're never going to be arnold scwarzeneggar and do your best. you should work out anyway because with an ectomorphic body as you age you will be more susceptible to osteporosis and othe skeletal issues so you need to work on the bone density thing while you're younger.


drink sprite.

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By the way... some people said eat eaggs red meat... good, ealthy food.... umm... 7 times a day...? I don't think I'm gonna like eating eggs 7 times a day... and the begetables are not going to give me much than... some vitamins... I know....


So I'll try... to eat when ever I get my stomach emty and... eggs and red meat 7 times a day....?


I don't know whats up with sprite... since its better than coke... anyways... I don't drink it much but drink a lot of juices.... it sounded weird but its healthier anyways right?

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