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Career choice in crisis!

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I've been feeling really down lately about my career choice. I graduated from school about 3 months ago and I've yet to find work. I knew that the career choice i went into had a small job market, but from the time i started to the time i've graduated it seems a whole lot smaller.


I've been working contract work here and there, and have kept my options open to jobs that could eventually lead to something that I'm interested in doing.


Money is becoming very tight soon though, and I feel that I'm gonna have to end up taking a entry level position somewhere thats not even in my job field! If i do do that though, I won't be able to even work contract work that IS in my career field (which may lead to possible bigger contracts).


I'm really lost in what to do, and it seems like my options are becoming less and less.


Any ideas on what I should do?

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Is there any way that you could take a part time entry level position somewhere just to keep yourself afloat? Or would that be way too much to handle? If you're really serious about working your way up to bigger and better contracts stick with it, but do what you need to do to be able to suppor yourself. Maybe you could look for living arrangements which cost less or otherwise to save each month until you can get yourself on your feet.


If it's something you believe in.. stick with it.

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smorgie, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I am going through the same thing. I have a master's degree and just moved to a new city and state where I don't know anyone at all, so I have no contacts or leads. I am looking for ANY JOB that I can get at this point. I have been in my new city for 2 months now and have only had 4 interviews. Two places offered me jobs, but they are only sales jobs and I want to go back to school and these jobs are jobs where I would have to be at the place from early AM till late PM and I would have to really use lines to sell. That's just not me so I can't see myself doing well with that kind of work.


I am wanting to go back to school so the job doesn't matter so much to me as just having a job. I am so desperate for work that I've been applying at restaurants as servers and hostesses, grocery stores, fast food like McDonald's, etc. I have been really depressed and it's hard to handle rejection after rejection.


I am also having some regrets about my career choices regarding school and I'm having to weigh my long-term goals and see if eventually all of this agony and debt will be worth it.


I wish I had some great advice. Have you tried job services? Most towns and cities have one or more unemployment offices where you can do contractual work for different companies. That would buy you time to find something in your area of work and help you pay your bills. Who knows, they may even have companies enlisted with them looking for your skills or talents.


Also, it may be better to take any job that you can get at this point, just so you have some stability in your life and then keep on looking. You can always drop a job like that when something better comes up.


There's also search engines online for jobs like yahoo hotjobs. Have you tried these? Is your career associated with any professional affiliations? If so, they should have websites and career and job info. on their sites.


If you want to vent or swap ideas, feel free to send me a PM. I really know how you are feeling...

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Yes, was thinking of getting some sort of admin job for now. Its hard because I'm actually an Audio Engineer. And the types of jobs I'd be looking for usually woulnd't be in any type of regular job search engine.


Thanks for all the advice though, I apprieciate all the ideas.

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Ugh, I know how you feel!


I am actually planning to write the LSAT in the fall, and apply for Law School in order to go back and have a "redo" of what I initially did.


For the last few years I have worked in admin, in various fields, all with "potential" to move up in those fields, but never had desire to do so in any of them.


I say see if you can work part time and then continue with the contracting jobs though - honestly do what you love and the money will follow. You just need to get more established right now. Don't give up on what you love though, you may find yourself even more discouraged.

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