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what area?


I had laser hair removal on my bikini line about 3 years ago. It cost about $125 canadian. But the thing is, for laser hair removal to be effective it has to be done around 5 to 8 times. SO....in total...over the 2 years i got it done, it cost me around $800 dollars CAN. Also, its area dependant....my bikini line was a pretty small area, so it depends where you are wanting to get the hair removed from.

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smorgie pretty much said it. I have never had laser hair removal, but have looked into it. The cost depends on the area that you want lasered, the surface area, and the site. Many places give discounts if you want to have multiple sites lasered off.


It is very expensive and you do have to have multiple treatments done because it depends on the pigment of the hair (the darker the hair, the lighter the skin, the more effective the the treatment). There are many websites where they provide more information and a lot of them show before and after photos.


Also, if you have a phonebook you can look in the yellow pages under hair removal and it should have all of the medical offices that perform it. You can call and talk to them more about it or arrange to have a free consultation. Many places do perform free consultations and when you go into the consultation they will look at the area(s) that you want lasered and tell you how much it will cost you.

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underthepressure, then if a doctor was telling your mom she needed it for a medical condition her insurance company should cover it. Usually things like that are considered cosmetic and so for that, insurance doesn't cover it, but a medical condition is different. Tell your mom to see if her insurance will cover it and why.

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