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I just have to talk

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I have some feelings I need to release so I figured why not here. I was having some major uncertainties about having completed the divorce. Both of my really good female friends who were offering advice on how to work throuh things are now helping me move on with my life, which I really surprised about in 1 case since she sort of introduced us. I've told them about my reservations and they have both made me aware that it really is the right decision. Wow I'm so lucky to have such good friends.


Now I just hope the next steps go as smoothly.

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i only know what youve wriiten here, and it sounds as if you were sure when you originally decided... it will be difficult at first...if you dont love your husband, and see no happy future with him, and you feel youve done all you can to sustain your marriage, then i believe your are doing the right thing.


hang in their Jetta..

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Thanks Brando. I know in my heart it's the right thing. I think it's just adjusting to the change that's a bit more challenging for me. He's been such a part of my life for so long I kind of wonder how it'll go I guess.

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It has been two years since my x and i split up, after being togehter ten years it is hard to forget her on somedays.


I made my peace with it, i guess i need more time.


Plus i been doing so much work with myself, had one brief relationship, and i no longer wanted to be with that person, anyway... im still healing...slowly, by choice mostly...


im sure it is the changes you are faced with that keep you guessing...


your still young... plenty of life ahead of you ..

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