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Ok well the last week me and my ex have been tlaking. She bokre up wiht me for personal reasons .. not becasue of anythign to do with us, but started seeing a new guy pretty quickly. Well last ngiht we got together finally after about a 2 months of not seeing eachother. We talked for a while, and aparently she tells me she still has feelings for me, and she does want to get back together . .she just isnt ready right now .. but shes still seeing this other guy, and even told me she doenst see it going anywher. So we talked more and i told her that she needs to decide between me or him, cause if she wants to be with me then why is she with him instead of seeing me. And she couldnt answer it so shes gonna think about it for a couple days .. think shes playing me?

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Yes, think about out. IF a girl is REALLY into you and interested she would go out of her way to make sure she can keep you. She shouldnt need time to think things over, what for? So she can decide between which guy she wants? Seems to me she is just trying to keep you there so she has something to fall back on. You don't deserve to me anybody's second. I wouldn't even give her a choice, in fact shouldn't you be the one that should make that choice and not her? She's playing you.

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umm i dont think its ever that simple ... i can understand she needs to think about stuff . .cause she says shes only wiht this guy because she sees it as a fling, but with me she knows she will fall in love wiwht me again, and shes not sure if shes ready for a serious relationship right now.

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I am in the exact same situation with my ex,and I think I am the "fallback" plan.She said she needed time,I told her she could do that on her own she didn't need to be seeing someone to have time to think things through...I told her I wouldn't tolerate being #2 and cleared my final things out..a week later she starts randoming calling me acting like we are best pals..asking me to help her with stuff etc....really pisses me off but I did help her with some stuff.But I have gotten over her I know I can live without her.

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She's using you. Just keeping you on the sidelines "just in case" things don't work out with this other guy or anybody else. She'll never get back together with you. She doesn't respect you or your feelings anymore. This is very obvious.


I hope you do, but I doubt you'll take any of the advice i've given you. At least if I can help someone else who reads this post and decides not to fall for the same garbage excuses (I see us getting back together someday, It's just not the right time for us, I don't want to be in a relationship right now (that one gets me every time especially when the other person is out banging someone else)), and decides to stick up for themselves, I'll be happy.


Oh, I love you but, am just not in love with you anymore. What a load of BS!

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Don't believe the "personal reasons" excuse she used to break up with you. She must have thought about that one for a while, then finally rationalized it and carefully planned her breakup line to you. Riles, if you know the psychology of breaking up, you'll know that this reason helps her feel good about her decision to break up with you. Humans are just not that unselfish, to where they'll break up with someone to save THEM heartache. Don't buy it, it's a crock.


She may still have feeling for you, but her feelings are similar to the ones I have for my car. I like my car, but I don't think about it except when I'm driving it. Riles, she's flat out lying to you regarding this other guy. Remember, she wants you to continue to see her in a high light, so she'll do anything to achieve this which includes talking bad about the new guy she's seeing. Even if she allegedly doesn't see it going anywhere, her actions prove otherwise. In other words, she's either lying to you or is wasting this other guy's time. Either way, it's not good.


NC her for now. She will continue to prey on your feelings if you allow her. You're buying all of her lines without thinking twice. NC will help you see things from a different perspective. You'll soon realize her game, and you can adjust yours accordingly. Until then, stay away from her.

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