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Hey, many of you probably already know my story.

My ex and I broke up about 2 and a half weeks ago.. but we're still really close, she came over last saturday and we hung out for 12 hours!

We're going to our last dance together tonight, and I wanted to know, if I should get her a rose? Everyone else is getting their dates a corsage.. I don't know what to do..

I think she might like a rose, because it's different, and I don't think she will like a corsage, and I don't expect her to get me a boutenir either.


Ladies? What do you prefer?

Guy? Do you think this is a good idea?


Remember that we're not going out together, but we seem to have a better relationship now, that we're out of the fighting stage. I want to get back with her, and I still really like her, but Im not letting it get in the way.

We have plans together for the summer too.. pool parties, soccer games, cottage.. Do you think I should just wait it out? be her friend.. and let her come to me?



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Alright dude, if your going to get a rose, if she asks about it (more than likely to I think) just say "Well everyone else was getting their date (I guess you can say date lol) a corsage, I just thought a rose would be different and out of the ordinary....it's not plain and boring". I mean it's sort of a lie I guess (if you still have feelings for her) but it's better to say that then say "Oh well I got a rose because I still love you". No, you are screwed if you say that .

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I think you should stop trying to look at all the sides to the story and stop asking the "what ifs". It really gets you no where. Instead of always worrying about what she'll say or do, just dont give it so much thought. What's meant to happen will happen, no matter how much time you spend worrying or thinking about it.



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If you're trying to get her back by being her friend, it'll never happen. Never seen it work. Your ex still has you as her emotional support while she's out there looking for a new man. She'll drop you eventually once she finds him. I've seen this happen to people in the past and none of them listened to me. One kid wasted 3 years on this chick and then finally when he let go and cut her out he found the girl he's getting married to this summer. It's your life buddy, but you need to No Contact her because now she has no reason to push you from friend to boyfriend status. There's just no reason for her to do it.

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We have a great relationship though, a great friendship, and awesome history. Our families are close, and we have a strong bond/connection with each other. Tonight, at the dance went great.. except for some factors which aren't related to this.


Is there anything I can do, or say in the near future to let her know, I don't want to be left hanging?? We seem to be closer than ever, and is there an action, or words I can say, to let her know, im here.. but im not staying for long?


I don't want to push her away either.. she doesn't like it that much when I bring up relationships, so I am acting very cool now, and a lot of the time now, she comes to me, talks to me, etc..


I don't want her out of my life, but I would LOVE a relationship with her again. Do you think that I should just keep going as I am, I can do it.

We're more than friends right now.. because we treat each other differently than the rest of our friends. We tell each other things, and stuff like that.


I don't know if I could stand watching her with another guy.. so I want her to know, I am here, and that if she wants to get back with me.. I am totally changed. Please help!

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