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After about 2 months of NC and it just bothering me and bothering me, I decided to break NC by writing my ex a letter.


We parted ways very suddenly and abruptly and never officially broke up...there are posts about it under Healing after break up.


Anyway I wrote what was a very mature, nice letter. not begging back, pleading or any of that, just getting some residual thoughts and feelings off of my chest. Also because we'd known each other for several years beforehand I was saying as well that it's a shame that things turned out how they did etc....


Anyways, I mailed the letter when I was leaving my work building and actually forgot to put a stamp on it I realised I forgot the stamp when the letter was on it's way and I was sitting on the bus going home.

I did my homework and Royal Mail will continue to deliver the letter and charge the recipient for the postage at the other end.

This was about a month ago and I've not heard anything.


This afternoon I got a call at home from my Mum saying that a note has been left for me from Royal Mail saying that something has been delivered for me without paid postage! it says something about A4..


Now although it could be just anything I'm wondering what could it be? Never before have I received anything without paid postage, no-one I know is sending anything to me to my knowledge. People that need to get something to me would usually let me know that they're sending it.

Places where I do get regular mail and letters from would all contain prepaid postage etc....it just seems too much of a coincidence........then again maybe I'm reading too much into it and it may be nothing at all.


However, although I genuinely forgot to put stamps on the letter to my ex, my mind has gone crazy thinking maybe he's sent the letter back to me out of spite without postage being paid, or maybe he's ripped it up and sent it back to me....just to make sure I pay the 30pence and not him. As over the top and as drastic as it all sounds it's all going through my mind. If it is from him and he's been horrible and spiteful and done something like that then I will be back to square one. Because part of the purpose of me writing my letter to him was so that things could be left on a neat and tidy note, instead of all the animosity and hostility that things had been left on at the break up.


I know I should just be taking it for what it is and not getting worked up about it but at the same time I'm really curious and wonder why after all this time, and why only after having sent him the letter without paidf postage I'm now being sent something without paid postage.


The sorting office is closed now, so I'll be going to collect it tomorrow morning just before going into work.


Your thoughts please and thanks in advance to anyone who reads and replies.



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Whoa, slow it down a bit! While it very well could be one of the horrible nasty things your brain is cooking up, it could also be just returned to you due to lack of postage. Or he's doing it as a joke to make you pay, or he never got it because he moved, or it's a coincidence. OR A LETTER BOMB! aaiiieeee!!

Try to get some sleep hon, no matter what it is, you'll find out in the morning!

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That was funny Mr Meh.....!!


You guys are right....I'm feeling more relaxed about it now, nothing I can do until the morning.


I think the reason why I've probably linked it to him is because of the scenario of me forgetting to put stamps on his letter. It probably is just nothing...or it could be something that just doesn't have enough stamps on it.


I'll share in the morning.

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I would definitely relax and just see what comes. I would guess it would either be that the mail just sent it back to the sender or that he was too scared to pick up the letter, or he moved and so it was returned to you after some time. I'm sure it's nothing mean or hateful.


I'm sorry you feel all of this stress over it. I know we all have setbacks sometimes. IF it is him sending the letter back - just consider the posting of the letter as a cleansing experience. Your attempt at closure, nothing else. He doesn't need to read it for you to still benefit from sending it. You did what you could to make it clean. I hope you have a relaxing evening and don't let this bother you.

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