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Married woman breaking off with me after loving relation

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I am a divorced 36 y o man. i met and got friendly and entered a personal business relation with a married 48 y o woman. i fell in love with her after knowing her for 1 year. she knew about my feelings ( i told her). we continued our friendship and eventually she returned the love and affection to me also. we started a sexual relation and eventually got closer and very intimate also. finally after some altercations she decided to end our sexual intimacy but remain as friends since she couldnt del with the guilt and family guilt etc and also the business was siffering she says. i do love her very uch being alone and divorced am very attached to her. shes ready tio move on it seems althoughshe says she care for me and will talk, socialise etc with me but no for physical contact. isthis temporary ? or is it for forever finished..help and advice..will she with time come back to our old better relation. she wants me to marry somoene and settle down etc..for the best for everyone..what do i do...


advice pls...

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sounds like you had a hot fling with a married woman. she's not leaving her family, she's leaving you. you have some good memories now, enjoy them and move on. also, married women generally don't make for good marriage prospects, mainly because they're already married. there is of course the adultery issue, dishonesty, etc.

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