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Jealous of her friends and I cant make it stop, HELP!!!!

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Ive been with my g/f for about three months. Her parents do not allow her to hang out with me (they do not know about our relationship). Anywyas, they do not allow her to hang out with me bc of past episodes... I use to cut regularly and she told her parents bc she didnt understand.

Anyways, her parents let her go almost all the time with her other friends, but they didnt give me another chance although i have not cut regularly for about a year now.

I cannot help getting jealous when she is with her other friends, bc i know that she can never just be with me. She has to lie and it hurts her. I hate to make her lie, but she wants to see me also. Anywyas, I just dont know how to make these feelings stop. I get jealous and I dont want to talk to her when she is with them. I normally dont let it show to her and I am not rude or anything normally, but I hate that i cant be honest with her bc i dont want her to know.

Its like i feel hurt when shes with them but cant be with me. I know that its not all her fault, but sometimes she'll tell me no, but end up going out with them. She hopes to see me while she is out of the house... but it normally doesnt seem to happen that way.

I just want to overcome these feelings. I dont want her asking whats wrong and me lying to her and saying that nothing is when deep down im really hurt.


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well maybe you could tell her how you feel. Tell her you don't want to get jealous but you do. I mean it's being honest, and maybe she could help.

about her parents, i think that's messed up. they wont even get to know you. maybe if they knew you are doing better and aren't as bad depression wise (or cutting at least) then they will get to know you.

other than that I wish I could help you more, but I don't know what else to say.

good luck.


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Her parents are hypocrits it sounds like. Maybe when Yall leave for college things will get better. Talking to your girlfriend about when you get jealous might help you realize that there is no need to be and it might help eaze it. Have you really asked if it hurts your girlfriend when she lies? Maybe you two just need to really sit down and talk about it....

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I know I have NOTHING to worry abuot, and I try to tell myself that, but it doesnt work. I know its stupid, but its just always there. Yeah we do need to talk about it.. i just dont want her to think I dont trust her or something... bc i do trust her... i just want to be with her... thats all

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