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Am I being too forward....as a girl???

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I see this guy that I really like in different places around the town. (here and there...for instance I just saw him a couple days ago) I have known him for a few years now; I first met him at school. I have called him and talked to him before, but this time I want to call him and ask him do something, like a date-ish. I hope this will pass the hint that I like him and maybe that would hit us off. I just want to know is this to much for a girl, or does this just take a big load off of his plate and make it easier for him? I would rather him be the one to ask me out, but I'm not sure if he knows I like him back. What does a girl do???

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say something like: "Let's get together someday, what say you we go to place x on day y..". I don't think that's too forward. The thing you must beware of when talking to him on phone is freaking yourself out. First phone call to crush can be weird even though you talked to the crush 100% normally face to face.


But go for it, really!

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i happen to be one of the guys who happens to get caught up inthe chase but it's definitely no problem for a girl to approach me either, but it is kind of fun to have the chase. but it's pretty much irrelevant to whether or not i would date a girl. i definitely like a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it, but a shyer girl can be cute.

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