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How should i ask out a girl in my class?

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There's this girl in my class that i've been interested in for a while and i feel like we have become a little bit closer recently so i have started to think that i should do something. We are pretty good friends already and we send like memes and such to eachother. What should i do to get closer and get to know her better? Give me advice and courage.

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If you haven't spent time outside of class together, you can start by asking if she wants to do a study session together in a cafe or some other public place that'd be good for that. You can also tell her you're planning to go get a smoothie or coffee at the end of the school day, and ask her if she'd like to join you. Always better to take a risk rather than not to try at all, even if it doesn't pan out.

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Yes definitely ask her if she wants to study together for an upcoming test or exam. If she is interested she will say yes, if not you haven't risked to much by asking.

If she does say yes then you need to know where this study session will take place.  Figure that out BEFORE you ask her.  Baby steps and see what happens.


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