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We're both digital artists with a sizable following, him a lot more than me. And we both stream our artwork.

About half a year ago, maybe a little more I saw him on Twitter, and instantly followed. I LOVE his art. I freaked out when I saw he also streamed and joined immediately.
I was one of the few (but many!) people outside of JP that could speak enough to converse, so I actually ended up talking to him and he's very chill and cool. I had a little bit of a crush, but it wasn't anything crippling.

A couple months later and I'm invited to his discord. I say "what the hey!" And I friend him. He actually accepts, and we gradually talk more and more, up until now where we talk everyday. We talk about our lives and even deep conversations. 

I fed really hard into my crush and now he's all I think about. I always wonder if he's okay, I wonder if he's eaten. And sometimes I'll ask and he'll always respond, sometimes immediately. I'll find myself drawing him while I practice. It's just super bad. 

I hate it. It's not realistic. I recently had gotten out of an engagement with a man who lived in the same country as him, so I'm in no position to do all of that crazy stuff all over again. It's been months, when will the crush subside?? I'm so lucky to be friends with my idol, but I'm going to blow it all over some stupid feelings that won't go away!! It's frustrating...
There was even one time where I was talking about my relationship with my ex fiance and he tells me "I'm jealous of him to be loved by you" followed by (笑) which is basically "LOL" like he's joking, but my head was like TV static like don't say that, please don't say things like that...

I really can't take it anymore, I want to know how to maintain my friendship with him while getting rid of my intimate feelings for him, and all the articles I'm looking up and following aren't working!!

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If it's a boyfriend you want, you'll have to put yourself out into your local world. Join Meetup.com groups for singles in your age group. Join a book discussion group. Take part in environmental clean up events. Taking classes in art, cooking, dancing. Start Googling your interests and see what events are happening in your town.

Lessen your talks with this long distance guy. Especially don't talk about personal matters. Keep the subject to art only. If that doesn't work, you might have end that cyber friendship.

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13 hours ago, Sleepyheadcartoonist said:

@boltnrunI jog, read some books or short stories (mainly historic fiction) and I play some games, although it's been a long time since I played a game without streaming it.

Seems like your activities are almost exclusively solo and mostly on some kind of electronic device.

What things do you do with friends?  Do you go out places?  How do you meet people other than online?

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Do you date locally?  When was the last in person date you had?

I agree that in person socializing is key to you resetting not only this but your life.  I know artists like to be around other artist because they get each other way better than us non artists. I dated an artist for a while and she was unique for sure.


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