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Is it my mental health or it’s him ? not sure if I should stay or leave ?

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59 minutes ago, rainbowsandroses said:

again please seek professional help to help you sort through your emotions and bring you to a much better and healthier place. 

Yes and I’m afraid for me too , and I did make an appointment for the first week of October with a psychologist , that was the soonest I could found where they took my insurance, but I wish I could go today , I just really need it even before this but now even more 

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57 minutes ago, Wiseman2 said:


If you want change, save your money for your own future and find a way to move out and unload this man.

Thank you , yes you are right I should stop say dreaming and thinking he will grow up , and need to focus on me and only me , after all I’m on my own really.

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