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ok i have been with my bf for almost a year and a half and i have never cheated and i never will but i cant stop thinking about my best friend and his friend. My best friend is also my bf's ex best friend my (my boyfriends name is tony my best friend is alex and his friend is regan) so alex and i always hang out and nothing has ever happened and we both andmitted to liking eachother at one point in time. and i think he may like me now. we talk about sex in general and ive only ever been with tony and he has been with three girls (never in a relationship with any of them its always really casual) and he says he doesnt like that and for the past year he has been saying he wants a long term relationship. like i say he has never made a move and everything we talk about is really casual. until we were drunk. then we started joking about it a little just saying that if neither of us were married by the time we were 40 we would get married and if we wernt in relationships when we were 25 that we would have casual sex for fun and just because we are such good friends. and his friend regan says that when he has been saying he wants a long term relationship he is talking about me and that it has been a hint. well regan and i talk about sex too joking about it (not having it) just about it well he told me he wants to have sex with me and that he "cant stop thinking about me and that it scares him because that hasnt happened since his last long term" now im no idiot it sounds like one of those bed ploys. but the thing is since i found out this stuff i cant stop thinking about them. i love alex because he is my best friend and thats just a good feeling and he is the sweetest guy and he is hotter than heak and regan well he is sweet and expirienced and good looking and he challenges me and i am intimidated by him which never happens to me. those are the things that keep running though my head and i think about having sex with them now its really weird. now is this normal or no and what should i do about alex's feelings and regans offers and well any other advice anyone can give me would be good

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honestly - sounds like you shouldn't be IN a relationship...and there's nothing wrong with that BTW...you are having a "wandering eye" and all these talk about sex.....well....it's a timebomb waiting to happen....so rather than ignoring your feelings...perhaps you should really ask yourself whether you really are into your bf if you can't stop thinking about sex with other men.

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regardless....you never talked about you thinking about having sex with any of your other friends, just these two.


I would have to agree, it doesn't seem like you should be in a relationship if you are constantly thinking about other men.


You also talked about how great these other two guys are, but never really mentioned anything good about your bf.....maybe thats a hint that you shouldn't be with him either.

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