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Husband gifts me tiny bouquets, even after I told him I don't like them.

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Pick your battles.  If you're quibbling about flowers,  let him give you flowers and a card.  It could be worse.  He could give you nothing,  not think nor care about you,  ignore you and you can have something bigger to complain about.

I'm not particularly fond of flowers but our next door neighbors always give me a bouquet of flowers if I pick up their postal mail and newspapers and bring in their trash bins to the side of their front yard on trash day.  I do this whenever they're out of town,  post-surgery and the like.  I graciously thank them for the flowers. 

My husband gave me flowers and while they were beautiful,  I finally told him that I prefer no flowers.  🥀Therefore,  he knows what I like and at random,  a nice gift,  a purse or whatever I want throughout the year is a heck of a lot better than flowers IMHO.  It's personal preference.  Everyone is different. 

Appreciate the flowers and card because someday you'll miss it. 

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