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Is he interested in me?

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I work in a grocery store and I was wondering if there is a guy (who works in a diff. department) is interested me. I have been working there for about 1.5yrs (and he at least the same), and through all that time he has only come to our department maybe once or twice to return something or ask a work-related question.

Then on Friday he came to our department twice for something work-related, then on Sat. he came by once, and then Sunday he came by once, and each time I always help him with whatever he needs (I work with a few other girls). Each time he is polite, and when I smile and say Hi he smiles back. On sunday I saw him walking over to our department, and it seemed like he was already looking for me...when I walked over to help him, I smiled and said Hi, he smiled back, but I wasn't sure if it was just a polite smile b/c it was really short, and then he asked me a work-related question.


Then I started to think back to about a 1-2wks ago my coworker (who's boyfriend is friend's with this guy) asked me out of the blue if I had a boyfriend and I said no. Then in the same week she asked me again. And then I think the next day another female coworker of mine asked me if I had a boyfriend...


So...I don't know if this is just a coincidence or not...If he is interested in me, I'm afraid he is going to run out of work-related questions to ask me. What should I do? Does he sound interested? Thanks for reading .

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Fire back some non work-related questions of his own. Ask him if he's seen (insert movie title here). Ask him what he likes doing outside of work. While talking to him, look at his body language for signs he's attracted to you. If you don't know how to read body language, do some homework . . .there are some good books out there.


You can stir his interest in you, by becoming interested in him. Brando also had a good suggestion of working in his dept. or bringing something to him that belongs in his department. If you can't find something, make it appear then bring it to him (wink).

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Go over to his department and ask him for some help. Then check out how he behaves with you. Like Chai said, look a the body language.


Story time: I worked at a store and there was this one guy always looking for ways to get near me. He was shameless, but I ignored him cuz he was a hottie ( thought he was out of my league)...and one day a customer needed something so I went over and asked him to help me find this item. He practically fell over himself to help me. Later he asked me for my number.. we dated for 2 years.


Good luck

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Thanks for the replies. . And I like your story Muneca--esp. the ending.

So I am going to take all of your advice...Since I can't really find anything to return to him, I will make it suddenly appear, lol.

The only problem is I don't know when he works. Hopefully he'll be there on friday night (when I work). This is what I hate--having to wait...lol.

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