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I'm divorced and

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I feel like I'm crazy for going through with it yet I feel calm and happy. We talk more now than we ever did, yet I still feel like it's not real. Probably because I haven't moved out yet, which I'm really looking forward to doing for some strange reason.


I just wish I could get this job thing figured and move on with my life. Any job searching advice? I am a realtor but being on the shy side it's not working as well for me as I would have hoped. Putting myself out there is just so unnatural for me. I enjoy the various aspects, I just hate selling myself. Since my temp job fell through I'm feeling kind of defeated job wise, and of course now isn't really the best time to be going through that.

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Yes, I like the suggestion of working behind the scenes in a realtor's office. You may consider going to a professional career counselor to clean up your resume. Check some websites about how to highlight your accomplishments, without lying. Good luck!

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