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What's a girl to do??? *need some advice please...*

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My story is a little complicated. I met a sweet, cute gentleman at a party. We clicked really well..(this rarely happens to me) I slept over at his house in his bed but we did absolutely nothing.


All we did is talk about all kinds of things...from religion to what not. So, the next morning I wake up..he rushes to me and asks for my number. I took his phone and put in my number (don't know if it got stored or not URRRGG)..and at that time my phone was not working. either.something was wrong with it.


It took me about a week to fix my phone. DOn't know if he tried to call me or not. Stupid me, I did not ask for his number... but anyway I got his email address. So I kinda forwarded my contact info to him..don't know if he got it or went to his junk mail.


Now I am in a dilemma., can't stop thinking about him...found his profile on some website with his phone number and everything.. Only problem is ..don't know if he remembers who I am or if he is still intereste...


What's a girl to do..FORGET ALL ABOUT HIM...TRY TO CONTACT HIM AGAIN..or would this seem a bit "stalkerish" I don't know...I really like him....he is quite different from all the guys I have ever met...He made me laugh and everything...h



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Hmm, I think that if a man likes you, he will always find a way to contact you. Always. (Trust me on that one. )


Even if your phone did not work, he should have been able to leave a voicemail message, right? Well, did he?


You already did all you could, and you're still not hearing from him... Maybe it's a hint?

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Between not knowing if you successfully stored your number and the phone problems afterwards, there are all kinds of reasons he may not have called you (or been able to). Since you talked for hours and slept in his bed, I would imagine he remembers you (unless he has alzheimer's), and given the fact that nothing happened intimacy wise, that takes the "he used me" part out of the equation.

I would say to call him. It wouldn't seem stalkerish to me, especially given the technical issues you had.

If you like him, call him. I don't think the "who calls who first" game is applicable in this situation.

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Let's get away from this 'women shouldn't make the move' - 'if he hasn't contacted me he isn't interested' nonsense - men find it just as difficult to make contact as women do - many of us more so.

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