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Crushed by a crush (please read)

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Hey everyone!


Okay so everyone else had an attempt at poetry so i thought I would to. Sorry if it sucks but I have never done this before.


I left the school grounds that I once knew,

curiously wondering and waiting why,

All the heart aches and heart breaks

would never pass me by.

I watched him watch me,

as we stood apart in a room,

at once I broke down

and my mind filled with gloom.

It was then I realised it never could be,

because we were two different people

That would live our lives separately.

I thought I really loved him,

but it was just a stupid crush.

But I will always remember thatday he'll leave me forever,

on that dark day in September.


There ya go! I wroste it last night because I couldn't sleep, sorry if it sucked but it was my first attempt.


Well I have to log off now. Got to get to school for a maths exam





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I don't think it was bad for your first one. I don't think it was bad if you had written lots of them. it was good.

Lots of people write poems, and they all write them differently. there is no right or wrong way to do it. it's for you and your feelings and thoughts.

I don't think that there really is a bad poem out there, because they are all so different, we all have so many different tastes that who are we to say weither one is bad or perfect.

they are all beautiful. ok I'll shut up with my little speach there, lol, sorry.

anyways, good job.


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Good Luck for your exams!

Well done! if this was your first attempt at poetry, it is very good! Just shows you that if you really put your mind to things you can surprise yourself at what you can really do!

Trying different things brings out the best in you because you realise that you can really achieve more than you know.

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Hi Miya,

Try and get some one to help with your maths, because it is very important. When you are looking at working, maths does help. Try and get extra lessons or get some one you know who is a maths boffin to try and help you.

Good luck for the rest of you exams!

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