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First date rules?

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i think the way a guy or girl is on the first date is how they should be the 2nd date, the 3rd date etc...


if a guy doesnt like to shave, then dont shave on the first date.


false first impressions suck and i hate when people try to impress others with this superficial crap they do on the first date..its so played out and old.


be yourself. they can either take it or leave it on the first date..and not find out the 'real you' months down the line...dont drag it out, get it done faster. i drink beer and burp on my first dates, you think i care? nope. because i do both all the time. make it a "take it or leave it" scenario.



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As long as you don't come off as a complete slob, go with what you feel comfortable as. If you don't shave all that often, don't make an exception for her. You want her to like you, not for the picture perfect image you give off. Might as well get her used to the real you right from the start. And there are more important things to think about. Where are you going? Ensuring she has a good time....


DragonGirl, I love your upfront, take it or leave it attitude. So, you want to go on a date sometime? Promise, I might to anything phony to impress you.

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Should men be clean shaven on a first date?


You are who you are. Should men with long beards be clean shaven before a first date? I would think not. Was Santa clean shaven on his first date with Mrs. Clause? No, because his beard is who he is. A big part of him is defined by his beard. So, you are who you are.

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Its your choice, if you feel the need to shave and you feel that its something you do when you go out on a date then do so. If you dont feel the need to shave then dont. It all has to do with the look you are going for and besides its not that big of a deal.



As for the burping issue, I would be curious to see how your dates would react to such a thing. Of course you want to be yourself on a date but there is a difference between being natural and being considerate.

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lol brando,


who in this world doesnt burp.


day walker,


to be honest most of the guys i date think its hilarious b/c im small, dress nice, and dont look like the type at all to drink beer and can burp better than he can. ive never had a BF or guy i was seeing ever think it was gross. they usually give me some kind of props for it. lol and those are the kind of guys i like. 'who cares, no shame' kinda guys.


i think its b/c i truly dont care is why they respond the way they do. if i burped and got all bent about it and felt bad about it, it would be perceived differently. and its just something i do frequently lol so if they cant handle it on the first date, then they sure as hell couldnt handle it 2 or 3 dates later.


and another thing, about this whole 'dress to impress' mumbo jumbo...for instance, ive been dating my long lost friend recently and he pulled the chair out for me, opened doors for me..i looked at him laughed and said 'whoa buddy, whered these manners come from? lol are you gonna behave the same way a month down the line!'


he laughed...lol only time will tell i guess.


just be yourself. and nothing but. and dont do anything you wouldnt normally do. let them fall for the REAL YOU.



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Where do you draw the line with the acting like yourself behaviors? Obviously every one burps, flatulates, picks their nose, pulls out a wedgie, is their a point where you dont think that these actions (or others) arent appropriateor is it all in good fun?


I have this line that I like to say when I meet new females or a group of new females, I say "I need to believe that girls fart or blow up a bathroom, I just need to believe that"

Now do I mean this, no because every person does it but it is interesting to see their reactions because most dont see it as a joke.

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well people it seems to work out for me. ive never had any complaints and if a relationship dwindles, its usually my call. so i must be doing somethings right. all im sayin is be yourself. dont try to impress anyone and youd be amazed at how impressed they can be. thats how i roll and i feel thats the most successful kind of relationships. ones that are comfortable from day 1.



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