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I have a real issue with the members of my family. Whenever we get together, they all drink, as do I. I may have one or two drinks, but they drink me under the table. Problem is, they make fun of me no matter what. If I drink with them, I'm a lush, if I choose not to drink, I'm a stick-in-the-mud.


They will make fun of me for everything I do, and blame it all on boose. Like one time I was carrying a paper plate full of food. I took one hand off it for like two secnds and the plate broke in half, spilling my food everywhere. They all laughed and said I was too drunk to even carry my food. My grandma even said "Can't carry a plate any better then she can hold her liquor." Thing is, I wasn't anywhere remotely close to drunk when this happned. I had maybe half a beer.


I (unlike them), am a wine drinker. They always make sure to have wime at parties just for me. But it's like they have it there just so I'll drink it and they can make fun of me.


I am not one to drink myself stupid, I have one or two drinks and I am done. I am a social drinker too. But they seem to depend on me for amusment whatever the case. I am sick of being the butt of joke, and I am sick of being made fun of no matter WHAT I do.


To Drink of not to drink? How should I deal with this negativity? Why do you all think they do this?

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drink if you want to, dont drink if you dont want to. its as easy as that.


as for the teasing...youre probably just an easy target. youre their scapegoat. i probably would have laughed my drunk *** off too if someone dropped their plate of food. but thats just how i am. i think stupid stuff like that is funny. lol. simple minds i guess...haha anyway..now depending on what these people are like, use your own judgement here. if you react to this like it really gets under your skin, it may entice them to do it more. or if you act like you play it off like its nothing, theyll get bored and stop. but you know how these people are so it could work the opposite. use your own judgement. you know them better than any of us do.


but while theyre sober id suggest asking them...'what the heck is it with you guys pickin on me everytime we all get together??' say it very nonchalantly and see how they respond. then tell them how it kinda makes you wonder about them and makes you feel awkward around them...


and if you let them know it ticks you off and upsets you and they still dont stop. then id suggest not attending get-togethers with them if alcohol is going to be involved. maybe THEN itll seep into their ignorant minds.


goodluck. family can be a real pain in the.....sometimes.



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I think you guys are misunderstanding the whole plate thing. I was carrying this styrofoam plate with two hands. My aunt bumped my arm and I took one hand off the plate to maneuver around her. The plate buckled in the center and broke in half. So it's not that I dropped it out of nervousness or clumsiness or anything like that, it broke. It didn't bother me that they found it funny, it bothered me that they blamed it on me being drunk when I wasn't. Just to clear up confusion...

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It sounds like its just playful family teasing; I would tell them (when they are sober of course) that it bothers you and you would appreciate it if you werent the butt of their jokes.


If that doesnt work, I wouldnt go to as many family gatherings. Hopefully, they'll eventually get the point.

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I hate being around drunk people.When my dad and his buddies are drunk they're just...creepy. You're an adult, you don't have to be there if you don't want to. Maybe visit for awhile, and when they start getting obnoxious you can leave. Or visit them individually while they're sober. What's the point of going to those gatherings if they aren't any fun for you?

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