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Music and its influence on one's emotional state

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Do you believe the type of music one listens to influences the way his or her emotional state is when it comes handling relationships, dealing with breakups, etc?


I'll be more specific if you need me to be, but I'll leave it at this for now and see what y'all get from this. It's just something I've picked up lately.

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Personally this is what I listen to & how it affects me:


Classical & Jazz - when I want to really calm down or be in a neutral states


Hard rock - riding bikes, doing stunts and get the pump @ the gym. Gives me a great amount of aggressive personality.


Metal - bikes, doing anything aggressive


Hip Hop - another music great for working out, gives me the 'cool' feeling and a bit of aggression


Hard Trance - love listening to it in the car just cruising, also great for doing cardio since it's a fast pace music but enough bass to get me pumped up


Vocal Trance - it just makes me happy...female vocal, beautiful melody and great beats, it's an all time favorite for me


Love songs - only when I feel loved or need a song with good lyrics to relate to either forget about the past or keep me focused with the current relationship

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What has made you get to this conclusion? I don't 100% believe music influences your personality... It might make you feel different emotions, but I believe it's more of a upbeat mood when you listen to positive music, and a more angry mood when you listen to more aggressive music. But I don't think it modifies your personality as a whole... if anything, the music you listen to kinda reflects your personality, but not the other way around... just what I think. Be more specific if you wish to share. Best wishes.

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Hmm I've had some music in my life that has influenced me more than any other external thing, and in hindsight I think there were pros and cons. I think it's possible for music to influence your personality, just as anything can - the human mind is a very fertile thing, and depending on your state of mind and the things you latch onto at any one time, almost anything can become defining for a period of your life. There's nothing wrong with it.

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I'm a huge music person. I don't know what it is about music.. but it envelopes everything in my life. To answer your question though, yeah I think it does influence your emotional state. When I'm upset or happy or angry etc I put on music that suits what I'm feeling. Listening to something thats close to what I'm feeling usually heightens that feeling.. intensifies it or whatever. If I'm angry and I don't want to be lol I'll listen to something not angry in hopes of moving away from it or what not. Most people don't feel the same though. oh well.

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The music I listen to varies depending on my mood. If I'm mad it's angry music, if I'm happy it's peppy, etc. Music is my life, it helps me cope and always has. I used to bang on the piano as a teen when I was upset about something. Now I sing and listen to loud music because I no longer have access to a piano. Thankfully I'm a good singer, so people generally compliment me rather than gripe about it.

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I am a huge music person too, like Imagi. It definitely influences my emotional state. There are certain things I listen to when I am upset, and stuff I listen to to stay motivated when I am working. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are.

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OMG MUSIC IS SO POWERFUL! it changes my mood instantly. it provokes thought, stirs emotions, and really gets my mind to either wander into bliss or allows me to fully concentrate. it expresses feelings through melody and is very sentual.


i do my best artwork when im listening to music. it can be anything, BUT despite what others say, i hate orchestra music, like Mozart and Beethoven. that kind of music just gets me very angry and it is heavily distracting. its loud noise. i like music that doesnt stress me out. and I HATE GANGSTA RAP! GOD HOW I HATE GHETTO RAP! i like some rap..old school hiphop and rap up until the mid 90s but now, its just a joke.


i love most types of music. if music, like visual arts,(paintings, sculptures etc), can make you think or if stirs up any kind of emotion, then it is a success, in one way or another it has done its job.



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Music helps me live. It definetly has a part on my emotional state. If I am angry like most I will put on Linkin Park or Papa Roach and just blair it. If I want to cry or sad I will put on foreign music or slow songs that just really touch me. If I am happy then I just listen to anything with a good beat and bass.


Dragongirl said " OMG MUSIC IS SO POWERFUL! it changes my mood instantly. it provokes thought, stirs emotions, and really gets my mind to either wander into bliss or allows me to fully concentrate. it expresses feelings through melody and is very sentual." I agree. Most of my best school work or just work around the house has come from me listening to music. Something about it just... I don't know gets down to my soul and just lets it go. I love every kind of music but it depends on my mood if I listen to it or not.

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in my earlier years of college i was big into raves..i would go there and i would literally feel the music flow through my veins. and all forms of dancing and raving just came so naturally to me. and i swear on my life i never touched a pill or any drug of the sort!


dancing and music are so theraputic.


music and all forms of Art are God's gift to mankind. Art makes the world a more beautiful and unifying place. those who can create GOOD art and music are touched with such a blessed gift.



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As many others before me have already said, music is a huge influence on my emotional state as well as my overall way of life. For me, I both listen to and play my own music. When I'm happy, I'll put on some classic rock for the mood. When I'm sad, upset, or angry, I'll put something a little heavier (Lincon Park or Metalica). When I'm thinking about someone , I get Breaking Benjamin for some reason (the lyrics really get to me, especially in the song Away). And when I have an odd mix of emotions, I play my guitar or bass, depending on my mood (or if I can't play either one, I'll just make my own beats 8) )

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Yeah influences me.


There's a song called "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL" by James Blunt.

link removed has it as their 12th song if you want to watch the video etc.

I think the songs really good, but at the moment, it's not really appropriate to my situation in life, but I'm sure others might be able to relate to it.

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Ok, so here's my little spiel.


For a couple of years now the only music (primarily) I listen to is either jazz or blues, but mainly jazz. I also play music, too, and A LOT, which I think also contributes to my emotional state.


I bring this up because throughout the year I have pursued a few girls at school, a couple didn't really work after a while, and a couple didn't work at all. I hear a lot about being really hurt after a rejection or something for weeks, if not longer. For me, I get over it within a day or two, then move on. It's weird. Friends of mine say "Wow, that's quick to get over something like that". Is this common?


So I was listening to some jazz the other day (as I do everyday all the time) surfing online and I checked out link removed. I registered on there a while back, but just recently started going there. ANYWAYS, while listening I came accross of these pics (profile page) of this girl I'm currently pursuing (for lack of better words) and was like, "Hey, so that's what her user name is..." because I had been looking for her profile by using her real name, which never turned out results. I don't REALLY have feelings for this girl at this point. Then I put on a Coldplay CD (forgot name of song, but it has a piano playing a riff at the beginning) of mine and all of the sudden I started having feelings for her. So I said to myself, "No, turn that off now." So I turned it to a jazz song of mine and those feelings went away.


I haven't really listened too much mainstream music in quite some time (at least a couple years), so it seemed powerful to me. However, putting that music on and NOT looking at her photos didn't cause me to have feelings for her at that moment.


I guess for me this has never happened before, since it has only been WITHIN the past couple of years that I've been interested in dating and whatnot, so I think that listening strictly to jazz music has really altered my emotional state... perhaps in a good way? Because I notice that I get over things really fast and move on. Maybe this is normal for some people, I don't know (correct me if I'm wrong).


This is just something I've thought about. Thanks to everyone for posting their input.

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Music definitely affects me- I listen to everything (metal, rock, country, etc.) Linkin Park and other rock and metal helps me when I'm stressed. Opera when I'm tired of current American culture and want to learn something new. Country when I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Classical when I need to relax or stay awake for algebra.


You originally said how music affects relationships, so I'll answer that. I believe a lot of young adults and teens are affected by pop music. Either they're singing about being 'in love' or one night stands. After making out once, a lot of them say "I love you!" or get rid of that person. It could be music or other forms of media that make this seem OK.


For me, my father listened to a lot of country which made me learn what true love and the sorrow comes with it. My mother listened to Alanis Morissette which made me cynical when it comes to love. And most people my age scoff at that music or never listened to it so I believe I have very different viewpoints due to the music I listen to.

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Music really affects me as well. It has a way of altering my mood. I listen to it in my car mostly, but the thing is that I cannot listen to it loudly at my apartment because it would disturb my neighbors. Im used to listening to it this way though, especially if im in a bad mood, so it is hard when I cannot listen to music whenever I want. I suppose I could get headphones but its not exactly the same. So does anyone have any suggestions?? I mean I cannot live without music!

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