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Cologne that drives women crazy (womens opinions)

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Honestly pretty much any decent cologne will appeal to different women.


I am mostly posting to say for the sake of women everywhere APPLY LIGHTLY!! It should be a very very faint smell and something only noticeable close up. Nothing annoys my friends and I more then when you can smell a guy as he walks by, even if it's a pleasant cologne. It should NOT be used to attract a woman to you, she should only notice it as a VERY faint smell when standing near you talking.


If it can be smelled within more than a 12" radius you are wearing too much!


(Not that I am accusing you of this, but it's a pet peeve of myself and many other women so I though I should give fair warning)

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I know this one guy that literally left a 'trail' of his Drakkar or whatever he wore at work...I was sneezing every time I walked by cause his cologne was too strong. I think someone told him something cause lately I haven't crossed that path LOL.


I spray once near my upper body towards the neck about good arm length away & tap my neck with my wrist...

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Pick the one thats repeated the most.



Im female and I wore cool water for a while because it was the only thing that didnt give me a headache(I had terrible allergies). Everyone, alot women and a few men would come up to me and sniff me.Most ppl adore that scent.

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The guy I like smells like Irish Spring soap and man. YUM. His scent alone convinces me that pheromones do exist because I've never been so attracted to that kind of smell.


I like Aspen (you can get this at Target and similar places) and Curve for Men. Abercrombie is also nice. I haven't smelled FCUK for him but I wear FCUK for her so I bet I'd like it.

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Some girl said Burberry Touch for men. Yep, got that one as an ex said she thought it was gorgeous. Saw a survey of it and all the girls love it, so thought id get some


Also used tommy for years because i think its smells great, youthful.

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