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Does anyone here have a story of revenge?

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I have had huge and total revenge. I'm lucky it didn't come back on me though, and Im really lucky we both got over the situation (after a long year and a half or so) and can be friends now with out that odd feeling.


My ex lied to me about a girl who he cheated on me with and ended up breaking up with me for her. Im not going to go into huge detail, but lets just say both their lives were hell for a long long time.


mostly hers, because she swore to me up and down that they were just friends, she acted like she was my friend, and then when they started going out, she messed with my reputation and was a totally beep.


she still hates me, Im pretty much neutral, don't love her, but don't hate her either.


but her bf (my ex) and I are still friends and she hates it.


I stopped making her life hell because I believe in karma, I thought Im gonna stop now before it comes back on me, and plus im sure it'll jump on her butt sooner or later.


but im really lucky that we can still be friends, cause we both did some pretty messed up stuff. so I would think about it before you took out for revenge, it doesn't feel good enough after to be worth hurting someone, in the matter of fact, it hurts to hurt someone you once cared about.



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I stopped making her life hell because I believe in karma, I thought Im gonna stop now before it comes back on me, and plus im sure it'll jump on her butt sooner or later.




I dont believe that you understand the concept of karma, it comes from Hinduism (and Buddhism) and is not related to the Judeo-Christian concept of you reap what you sow. Karma has to deal with how your actions in this life will effect the person/thing you will be in the next life. Karma has no effect on you in this life it all has to do with your next life. People have a tendency to get these terms confused. Karma is the totality of our actions (in previous lives also) all of which will determine your future meaning future lives.


I personally do not have any stories of revenge, I dont see the point in getting back at someone because they caused me emotional pain. It seems immature but I realize that it can also make you feel empowered because you got back at the person. However revenge doesnt solve anything it merely shows that you are at wits end with a person and you feel the need to retaliate.

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I had a situation where I was dating someone for about 9 months -- I found out about 3 months into the relationship that he lived with another girl. They owned a business together and they were trying to sell the business and he swore to me he didn't love her but was stuck with her until the business was sold. He was very ambitious, working at his business and going to college at the same time. I bought it hook, line and sinker. He spent alot of time with me and we were always together on the telephone. Well, about 8 months into the relationship, he told me the girl he was living with knew about me and he needed to cut back. We still talked some and we still met once or twice per week and had an intimate relationship. I found on accident by showing up at school one day that he had met a girl at school and the time that he was not spending with me was being spent with her. I can honestly say I was absolutely devastated. The only thing I had ever asked of him was that if he was going to see someone else, to please be honest with me and let me go. He had totally lied and made me feel like crap. He swore the girl was just a friend and I was totally wrong. Well, out of hurt, spite, anger, you name it, I called the girl he lives with and told her everything about our relationship. I even gave details of times we were together so she would know that what I was telling her was true. I also told her about the one he was with at school. Bottom line is that he still lives with the same girl, he and I ended up making up and still seeing each other, mainly for bootie call, and I found out he still sees the girl at school. I just had to get strong, get over him, and realize that I am worth way more than what he has to offer and that he is just a filthy dirty creep. I am 36 years old but have only been in 1 other relationship in my life. I ended that relationship last year due to my partner's drug/alcohol abuse, and I turned around and wound up in this situation. I feel like I want to go back to the stupid girl he lives with again and tell her just how stupid she really is, but I realize I am the stupid one for staying involved in the first place. Believe me. If you're in a situation where you want revenge, hold your head high, keep yourself busy and just walk away.

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Getting or wanting revenge is the same thing as anger. Anger makes us feel powerful, but in reality it makes us lose control of the situation. This is why angry people have such low self-esteem - because they have the illusion of being in control, when really they are not.


When I was younger, I wanted revenge on a girl I once dated. What did I do? Nothing. It was just something I wanted. I was angry because she caused me emotional pain. That anger subsided very quickly though, and I forgot all about it.


Remember though, revenge is a form of anger. It will rob you of your self-control and thereforeeee, lower your self-esteem. Be aware.

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