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i feel suicidal, well at the moment i feel drunk. i would go to a doctor and say so but it would really change my life. well, i want that to happen. i spose its just my parents. i feel like running away. i want to be treated but i dnt want my parents to know i want to kill myself. help????????

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You should do whatever it takes to take of yourself right now (suicide NOT included)...try to forget about your parents for now, it sounds like you really need to talk to someone and quick..

if you are at the point that death seems to be the only answer, then any repercussions will be small compared to that.

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but if i end up in a mental hospital then they will know. There are certain things they have to let parents know too. There are going to reprocusions. i Know there are. Death seems like the best option.


It is doubtful you will end up in a mental hospital unless you are a threat to others, especially not with an initial consultation. There are other less invasive things to try before that.


And if you are suicidal, they do NOT need to let parents know (sometimes unfortunately) unless it is a threat to your parents physical health directly.


Suicide has WAY more repercussions then getting help does....I think it would be far worse for them to find out if you killed yourself then to find out you were seeking help.

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But if i need that stuf my parents would have to drive me there and theyd know what wAS happnin. its no good.


Trust me, its better they drive you there and help you get medications then plan your funeral and have to drive to your grave every week.

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Seriously, think about it.

Do you really think that you're parents would be like "you're suicidal, we're not helping you". NO.

Believe me, seek help.. and if they find out.. then meh, at least you've seeked help, and they should be greatful that they've raised a smart enough son to seek help, and look at other options, before taking his well earned life.

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That doesn't make sense.

If they'd cry.. it would be because they care for you!! they love you!!

if you commit suicide.. your parents would feel so guilty, and that would seriously ruin their lives... as much as you don't want to admit it, don't be so selfish to take your life, you're taking away your future, and your parents son. They want to have grandchildren.. There are other ways out.


Parents are NOT suppose to bury their children.

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my parents would cry alot. at least ifg i died their pain woulfd end.


Um...no, trust me the pain does not end. Families are destroyed by suicide (trust me, I have seen it happen). The pain does not end when the loved one is gone...it may be gone for the one that died, but it is not for those whom survive.

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My friends buried their daughter (who committed suicide) 3 months ago.


They will NEVER get over it. THEIR PAIN WILL NEVER END.

(I am just a friend and it took me 2 months just to stop thinking about that constantly.)


I am a mother and I assure you: the worst, absolutely worst thing you can do to your parents is to kill yourself!


Please PM me if you want to talk more.


P.S. I've just read some of your posts, I am surprised how mature you are. Hang on a little longer

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