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God, Give me the strength not to answer his phone calls

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hi, after all the crap that I have posted on this site about my bf. yesterday I found out that he has been seeing another girl since our breakup. He broke up with me and asked me to move out of our home so that he could see both of us at the same time.


I can't believe he had the audacity to even say that.


If it is your home and you are on the lease, tell him to get his own butt out of there and find his own place to live..and cut him off from your life completely. If not, get yourself out of there and cut him off completely from your life (see the commonalities either way?)


Him breaking up with you was probably the best thing he could of done, now cut this twisted jerk out of your life this time, for REAL!

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definitely not!!!


I feel like such a idiot. I kinda suspected I was being kicked out for someone else, because he gave me some pretty lame excuses as to why we were breaking up. he use to call me alot after we broke up and the last month his calls got shorter and it took him longer to return my phone calls. then he would only call me from work, never when he was at home. I figured something was up with that. but he always had a exuse for everything did and like a idiot i believed him.

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You arent an idiot for believing him. Don't beat yourself up over it.


Learn from what happened, and move on. Thats all you can really do.


He betrayed your trust and your love, you are over it and on to the future. Any more time spent on him is a waste.

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H**L NO! You don't leave! Be strong, girl. You will totally respect yourself 200% more if you are. Eight years ago, my live-in BF and I broke up (mostly instigated by him). We had three months left on our apartment lease. He wanted to move out and he did. I told him he would be responsible for his half of the rent until the lease was up (we had both signed the lease). He agreed and moved in with a friend of his.


Then the friend was asking for HIS half of my ex-BF's new apartment rent. Ex-BF now had to pay rent to friend and rent to me. Guess what ex-BF did? Wrote letter to me bemoaning the fact that he had no money, I was draining him, he was living off ramen noodles, etc. Called me crying. I felt bad inside, but to him I left and said, "Dude, you should have considered that before you left our living arrangement THREE MONTHS before the lease expired! You're legally responsible for your half, and because it's a one bedroom, I can't really get a roommate. Get over it, make it right, and move on."


He continued to pay me AND his new roommate. To this day I am so happy I made that decision and feel strong because of it. Do NOT let this a-hole walk over you -- especially since he left you for another girl! YUK!

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hello Hubman

my bf and i use to rent a apartment together, we lived together for eight months. three months ago he came up with a bunch of lame excuses and asked me to move out. I moved out , took my daughter out of school and left without any money. I moved back in with my parents and since then he has called me up cying saying how wrong he was to kick me out. I forgave him and started seeing him again. Everything that is in the apartment belongs to me because I left everything behind when I moved out. now some other girl is sitting on my furniture, sleeping in my bed, and ating off my dishes, so i'm pretty ticked off to say the least.





sometimes I wish I was a fish!

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So is she living there now? I would not pay me half of the rent if I were you. The reason I ask is I was in a similar position a while back. I paid half the rent (I too had to move home) for like six months because my name was on the lease. Then I find out years later that the guy she was cheating on me with moved in right after I left. I feel so used and cheap but, it is a learning experience.


I dont want to see anyone be taken for a ride like I was. Sorry to hear about your problems with him and this other woman. That is a crappy position to be put in especially since he was seeing two of you at the same time. What a jerk but, remember one thing... Karma will pay you back ten fold. I firmly believe in what you put out will come back in spades.


Please be strong for yourself and for your little one! DONT ANSWER HIS CALLS. You deserve someone who is going to treat you like a woman and not a piece of meat. Lose this loser!!!

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SeaBiscuit...I agree with ALL the other posters here...get your stuff leave..and DO NOT pay the other half of the rent!! Let his HOBAG pay it!!!

Lose this losers number...and get your number changed so he can NEVER contact you again!!! If I was there I would go there with you MYSELF and help you move out! LOL.

Keep us posted and good luck!!!

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