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Moving abroad

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Despite having a good job ( IT ) in a small company where I'm well treated, but with no long term career promises, I got a job abroad in an even better company with a much higher salary. I wanted to share my personal reasons for why I decided to move abroad and please tell me what you think, just so I can make sure I'm doing this for the right reasons.

Social circle: I have had a group of friends with whom I was hanging out with since high school. But the thing is as we are growing old, the group is slowly changing. One of us will get married very soon and is no longer available like he used to. The other one moved to a different city and we see him once in a month or so. Third one will be graduating soon and will slowly fade away once he gets absorbed with work.Also, we don't do much of activities. I'm the only one who is well paid enough to think of traveling and going to hotels or something. Not also they are not available, but we are stick into sitting in coffee shops and that's it. Same thing every weekend. It's not really because of them but we don't have access to any sort of activities like clubs or sports ( poor city, trash country where youngsters are busy working to go abroad ). That also resulted in me being stuck with this group of friends for forever now and I've made the effort of making new ones when I moved to another city but no chance...Small detail is the dating life too. No social circle resulted in no girls. I've never had a girlfriend due to those limitations and I'm 25 already. Tried Online apps, Facebook, but it never works out.

Family: Mixed reasons in this one. 5 years ago, I was entirely convinced that I will work in my home country for years before even considering moving abroad because despite the above reason, I had my parents. When I went to college and moved to another city, I missed them so much and every weekend I go back home, I spend all the time with them and cherish it and help them. They were open to go out. hang out with me, have discussions...But every changed when the fire nation attacked... I mean, when family issues started to take a toll on them and also my father's behavior changing dramatically. My father tries to act like the mediator of his own ***ed up bunch of brothers and sisters and instead, he brings all the stress of those fights to our home, which annoyed me and my mother. He is retired and is supposed to relax and enjoy his life. Instead, he is involving himself in fights that don't even involve him and I know it's a good thing he is doing that for his family, but he is TOO much into it to the point that he ends up absorbing all that stress. Also a lot of sucking up to my uncle who offered my brother his dream job in Japan. He never listens to anyone except to him. I try to talk some sense into him but he never listens. To forget this and enjoy life a little bit, I proposed to him and my mother to go on a trip or to a hotel and I will be paying for all expenses, but my father said to me to take my mom and that he must stay to feed the dogs or some ***... He is already giving the same excuse when I tell him to come visit me where I will be living and working when I move abroad, when in fact he went running like an excited kid when my uncle invited him to Dubai, by himself. I may add that I don't really have a great relationship with my spoiled brother in Japan and my married sister because I'm so much younger than them and they still treat me as an inferior. They never were socially the best people ( Brother had an argument with the entire company and almost got himself fired, he also struggles with making and even keeping his friends. Sister doesn't have any friends at all ).I wish I had a good relationship with one of them at least so we can plan a trip together or travel together. Or maybe visit my brother in Japan...

Quality of life: This has also started to bother. One good rainy day and all transportation means are doomed. Rude people on the road, honking everywhere. Unless you have a car, you can't move around easily in the capital where I work, or even go to different cities. Safety is a major concern too. 

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8 minutes ago, waltergarcia said:

, I got a job abroad in an even better company with a much higher salary. we don't have access to any sort of activities like clubs or sports poor city, trash country where youngsters are busy working to go abroad 

It seems like you will have a much better quality of life once you move.  It sounds like a good idea for yourself and your future.

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1 hour ago, waltergarcia said:

But every changed when the fire nation attacked...

Xexe, good ATLA reference.

Anyway, social circle is as it is. Some people get married, move away etc. Its the way of life. There is no guarantee that your social or dating life would be better with changing of environment. For example, I had a wide range of friends in my home town when I moved to college. And on college I got more wide range because I was willing to mix up with a lot of people and make friends. But not everybody can do that. If you are not willing to mix up with people, you could end up more alone then now, especially in foreign country. 

But for your family situation would certanly be better if you move. You might benefit in moving from them as you would be more independent and find more healthy life dynamic away from them. Not to mention economic benefit in better job.

Also, have you posted this under different username? Because I remember Japan brother/uncle company story from another user.

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I like the input above.  I am reminded of a favorite author of mine -Alain de Botton -who commented that you have to realize that even if you go on holiday or move you take yourself with you -so check yourself for your penchant for negative assumptions and generalizations -those won't fade just because you are in a new location.

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