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People and strange behavior

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I am interested to know if anyone here has ever had someone

be either nasty, rejecting...ie,. tell you never call them again, hang up on you, delete your email...ANYTHING of that nature...only to either contact you again or be open to you again down the road? How did it go?

I know it is human nature to say things in the heat of anger or frustration, and people are very changable creatures....On this forum there are lots of stories of bad breakups and reconciliations. I am just curious how they evolved.

On the other hand...has anyone ever said these things to someone

else, only to change our mind later?

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Oh God.... my 'psycho' ex (who I nearly ended up getting pregnant) treated me like crap, and then didn't want to hear from me again, wanted all her pics back...

Then a few weeks later started emailing me "It's really important. I need to talk to you" several times... I thought "Oh my god, she's pregnant..."

But she wasn't, and she was carrying on like we'd been best buddies forever, and asked me all kinds of stuff.


Suffice to say - I told her she almost drove me to suicide (which she did), and I never would probably recover (which I haven't), and I told her I didn't want to ever hear from her again...

Luckily I didn't...

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Hahahahaa Volution....

Sorry don't mean to laugh at your plight...but it's funny

how people react when they actually get what they "want"...which is

for you to leave them alone. The human ego is amazing...it's evil in it's most primal state isn't it?? lol

I suppose it's gratifying to most of the dumpees out there though

to get this sort of satisfaction.

As for me..I just deleted my screen name and disappeared after

getting the runaround from this guy. The LAST response I am sure he expected from me, after my countless attempts to "lure" or coerce him.

What a waste of life!! Would I like him to wonder and regret his behavior? Absolutely!!! Will he?? Probably NOT..but it's nice to know that the roles do get reversed for SOME people out there in REJECTION LAND ! lol

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I've known people who behave that way.

They're called bullies.

What they're doing is called manipulation.

Saying horrible, nasty things in anger is called immaturity-- sometimes it's even called verbal/emotional abuse.


As for me, I don't tolerate that kind of crap from anyone.

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