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What to make of all this??

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Heh All


Well after a week where there was very little contact, this weekend things swung the other way!!!


Although the ex contacted me over seemingly trivial matters (phone numbers, how to work stuff etc) it was hard to get her off the phone as she just wanted to keep talking.


She also sent me a string of SMS messages asking what I was up to, doing etc etc.


Also what to make of a little jealousy from her (a communication mix-up that made her think I was seeing someone else)??


Some words of encouragement to please, having a really low day AGAIN

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Thanks for the advice all...


Would appreciate tips on how to focus on ME and stop obsessing about her.


Finally beginning to realise that if there is ever to be a reconciliation it will only come if she wants me again and that this is never going to happen so long as I am a shadow of my former self. She is never going to have a change of heart if because she feels sorry for me or guilty about me being heartbroken. Any change of heart will only come if she once again sees the guy she fell in love with. If I am happy, carefree, fun loving and seemingly over or unaffected by the break up.


Realising this is one thing however, achieving it is another. Advice???

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OK ex has just sent me Instant Message:


'Good morning, how are you'


For ONCE and this is a real FIRST for me I said that I was in the middle of something and couldn't talk -- chat later ok?


Proud of myself for achieving thsi first. BUT what next -- ignore her all day, IM her later -- couple of hours, before I finish work? Thoughts???


the Doc

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She broke the relationship off almost two months ago. We did not have a period of NC that lasted more than 4 days.. we both broke NC. Since Saturday she has been the one initiating contact, calling me, sending SMS messages.


As I have said before she seems to reach out only to withdraw for periods...


The Doc


Could I PM you to give you a fuller picture??

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