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Poll: Flirting - How much is too much?

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Just wondered what everyone's opinion on this subject is - from male and female POV.


Is there such a thing as TOO flirty? Is it negatively perceived - like for girls she may be labeled as a tease or even worse be labeled as "easy" because she is friendly and flirty? Will it turn off "quality" men because they won't take a flirt seriously?


Sound off...

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yea to this i would def. have to say that flirting is a great thing when used very wisely. it can be used great or as a weapon. yes in my opinion there is such of a thing called too flirty. its when teh girl will not leave you alone. is nonstop in your face, will not let u be one of the guys and be with ur other friends. to me its a def. turn off. how can you be yourself and please other people if you have a girl all over you all the time saying "look at me i like you be with me" 90% of the time. so to me, yes there is a thing as too flirty and its no good

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Some girls can be too flirty, but its obvious to tell them apart from the ones who are doing it b/c they actually like me.


I flirt with just about every girl I know...at least a little, with ones I like, even more strongly. I think like the above said...its a great thing and I love doing it. It got me out of that 'does she like me?' stage to the point where I can tell if she likes me just based on how much flirting she does back. Go ahead...check my posts out if you want, at least the ones I've created, besides the one about a girl I dated recently b/c I was so oblivious to certain clues....look for the last time I put up a post about stupid little details on 'Does she like me b/c she..."

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I like flirty girls. I dono about u guys, but its always nice when a girl is fun and adventurous. I don't automatically assume that she's a tease, i just think that she's someone that likes to have fun. and about the "MR right" I think that all guys are different and likes the flirty kind, some don't. Bu that dose not mean the ones that likes the flirty guys are not quality men.


Hope that helped.

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I think a girl can be too flirty if she teases a guy she knows likes her, leading him to believe that the feelings are mutual when in fact they aren't. It becomes a manipulative game at that point. I know a guy who was really into this girl from his job, and she would let him grope her sometimes, but when he told her he'd like to take her out she declined and said she didn't want to ruin the friendship. I warned him about her because I knew she was a serious tease but he had to learn the hard way.

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