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Friendship with an ex who has gf or bf

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I'm in that situation now, honestly it's pretty hard. I don't even consider us real friends because I am not over him and he admitted to still having feelings for me. We didn't start off as friends before we got together either. I think the best way to be friends with an ex is to be over them, especially when you know they are with someone else. If you keep talking to them it takes longer to move on. The reason I even still talk to my ex occasionally is because he was a big part of my life and I just don't want to give that up totally, no matter how much he hurt me.

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The only ex's i've been able to be friends with are the ones i didn't develop "love" feelings towards. Anyone i've ever loved...i pretty much haven't been able to keep as friends. Thats because for me, its just way too hard to separate myself but stay as friends. I really can't deal with it.


I do know some people who have stayed friends...but very very few.

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I am in the middle of that myself. It's been 2 1/2 years since we broke up. It is difficult because I still have feelings for him and now he's with someone else. But I know he cares about me and I care about him, so that makes it easier, and that makes it completely worth it.

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Yeah I agree with Newts....it may take years...I am going through that situation where it's hard to be friends with your ex. Emotions are running high...he feels jealous...or I feel jealous....right after a break up there should be no contact at all. Something triggered the break up...so to heal neither parties should be in contact.

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I'm in the same shoes. Knowing my ex-gf for 8 years and dating 1.5 year. We broke up recently and she had a new bf but kept calling me to hang out with her. She told me "just friend". So, i still keep the friendship and hanging out with her because i want the second chance. But I'm not sure what she thinks. My first time can be friended with ex because I want to get her back. I believe it's possible only when one still trying to work things out and the other not sure what she/he wants.

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