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Where from here?? please help.

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I just want to say, I love posting on here, it lets me get out everything in my head, and get some great opinions. Sometimes all you need to do, is talk to a total stranger.


Anyways, I just have something short.. You all probably know my whole relationship story right now.. broken up 2 weeks, and am now close with my ex. We hung out all yesterday (12 hours straight). Today, we haven't spoken. We haven't been online at the same time, and I went to a movie with my buddy tonight.


Do you think this is okay? Hanging out and getting close one day, and then the next.. not talking? it's not like we avoided each other, it's just we didn't run accross each others paths today.


Yesterday we flirted and stuff, she was bitten my shoulder and things.. and we had really upbeat/funny conversations all day. So where do I go from here... tomorrow I am going to watch an awards show at my school with her, and then we have prom the next day, and we're going together.


Does this sound fine? Should I worry about anything..

My opinion is that, I have given her space since our break up, and I think that's what's drawing her back to me. She has been eager to talk to me whenever she can it seems now.. so is it alright to not talk for a day? Maybe it will show her I have my own life, and we can talk about our day tomorrow, or something.


Please reply, Thanks!

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