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How do you deal with the pain when someone is done with me

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I was in relationship, I feel like the relationship was a priceless vase and I accidentally dropped the vase. 

Now my boyfriend is done with me with no way of getting him back. I now I need to move on now but this is so harsh. The pain feels over bearing. And I have so much regret for dropping the vase. 

I now it’s time to move on but this is extremely painful. I tried to distract myself but I’m still really sad. How do you deal with the pain of losing someone who is done with you, especially when you feel it’s your fault? 

I know I keep thinking about this but only because this person meant a lot to me and it’s extremely painful that he’s done with me as if I am nothing now. 

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I'm sorry for your pain.  You have to give yourself time and patience as you experience the aftermath of a breakup. 

There's nothing you can do about regrets.  If you have regrets and remorse, all you can do is learn from your past mistakes and navigate your future and future relationship shrewdly.  The past teaches you how to become smarter.  This is your key takeaway.  Most people don't repeat the same mistake twice. 

Since you're humble to admit it was your fault, learn from it and become a better you in the future.  It was not all in vain.  Chin up.  Take good care of yourself.

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Consider rearranging your personal space, remove little memento's of the relationship, and do something that you have been wanting to do. A new restaurant? Try it

Also for some people, they will write the name on a piece of paper and burn it. So there is a symbolic act to remove them from your mind, a finalization with that person.

Plan a trip, that you may never take. Write to yourself what you want your next partner to value.

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