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I'm new to this and I'm hoping that someone has a few ideas out there.


I met my fiance online 15 months ago. He lives 3 1/2 hours away. We started out great, he was very attentive and wonderful. I was testing the waters in the beginning and then I began being very attentive and he went the other way.


It hasn't been easy, I have a teenage daughter and I won't be able to move for two years. So we know it will be that long before we can get married and start our life together.


The problem is that the intimacy seems to have faded. We both feel it and it's driving a pretty good wedge in the relationship. Life gets busy, we try to see each other as much as possible, but when we do it's always working on my house, or looking for investment properties up by him. We seemed to have lost the together time. We both agreed to work on this and spend more time being intimate, not just physically, but other ways.


This may sound really crazy, but outside of writing letters, sending cards, test messages and phone calls I'm trying to figure out what else we can do to spark things up a bit. I'm thinking maybe planning actual dates when we are together, putting house work aside and spending time. I would also like to do things that aren't going to cost a fortune.


Any ideas that anyone has done or can think of are welcome.

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How about meeting halfway and spending a weekend doing touristy stuff. Or camping. Bed and breakfast places can be cheap as well. That way, it is refreshingly different, you aren't tied up with the mundane stuff at each other's places and you can concentrate on each other.

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