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Science class

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heh...I actually wrote this when I was bored out of mind one day in science class...



This science class is so boring,

A million miles away my mind is soaring,

This class is so confusing,

I feel like I'm losing,

I'll probally fail this stupid class,

Who knows, Maybe I'll get lucky and pass,

I feel like the chalk on the board is smearing,

And I don't understand one word I'm hearing,

This textbook makes no sense,

It's giving me a headache, and making me tense,

I can't wait until I hear the bell,

Inside I wanna scream and yell,

I just dont get this,

Is there something I missed,

How do I take this test,

I'm trapped in this desk,

I'm not stupid, I'm not braindead,

I can just never remember what that teacher said,

Help me understand this quiz quick,

Help me understand which answer to pick,

My mind is spinning and whirling fast,

I'm so glad I've finished this class.


~Erica Hofmann

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